Save Money, Energy With Top-Sealing Damper

Top-sealing Lyemance Damper

If you have a fireplace, you have a hole in your roof. That hole, your chimney’s flue, sucks the warm air from your furnace, fireplace, or woodstove right out of your house. You can close off that hole and dramatically reduce your heating costs by installing a top-sealing damper. In fact, most homeowners find the dampers pay for themselves in energy savings in the first year.

How a Top-Sealing Damper Saves Money

Traditionally, a cast iron throat damper is placed inside your flue and is opened only when you are using your fireplace. But even brand new cast iron throat dampers are notorious for letting heat leak out of homes. And older ones that have deteriorated, warped, or rusted allow that heat to gush out of your home.


One of 5 Ways to Save Energy: Install a top-mount fireplace damper

Top-Sealing Lyemance Dampers can pay for themselves in a year.

New top-sealing damper designs don’t rely on a leaky metal-to-metal seal. Instead, they have a silicone rubber gasket that provides a true seal, keeping the warm air in your home and the colder, winter air out. This tighter seal reduces energy loss by as much as 90% over conventional dampers.

Instead of being mounted inside your chimney, as traditional dampers are, the more energy-efficient top-sealing styles are mounted atop your chimney or flue, like chimney caps. Energy-efficient dampers can even be purchased as a combination damper and chimney cap.

If you feel a cool draft on your feet when standing near your fireplace, you can be sure your fireplace damper is letting your heating dollars escape through that hole in your roof. But an energy-efficient damper is an easy, cost-effective way to control your heating expense this winter.

Ready to install one? Check out our how-to video.

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Is Your Fireplace Santa Ready?

Is your fireplace Santa ready ?


Is Your Fireplace Santa Ready?

With the big jolly man making his travels soon, it’s time to get your home and hearth ready for his arrival. With him making so many stops, you’ll want to make his time in your house as comfortable as possible.

Let’s start with Santa’s place of entry, your chimney and fireplace. Don’t worry about Santa getting past your chimney cap (you have a chimney cap, right?). He carries the necessary tools to remove the lid before sliding down. However, if you want to make Kris Kringle’s job a little easier, consider one of these Santa-friendly caps that hinge open with no tools. These make your chimney and fireplace Santa ready!

Easy Clean chimney cap

An Easy Clean chimney cap easily snaps open for your chimney sweep’s or for Santa Claus’ services.

As for your fireplace, there’s no need to be concerned about flames or hot coals. Santa’s boots and pants are made from fireproof material. Feel free to light a fire this Christmas Eve and enjoy the cozy warmth before settling in for a long winter’s nap.

Santa does appreciate a clean fireplace though, so consider removing the excess ash before lighting your Christmas Eve fire. Please dispose of the ash in a proper ash bucket and store it away from the house. Santa would like you to still have a house next Christmas.

ash control with a lidded ash bucket

Ash buckets with lids provide safe storage of fireplace ashes.

And now for Santa’s favorite part- what kind of treats do you leave for the jolly old elf? The classic milk and cookies is always a solid choice. For a seasonal touch, swap the milk for eggnog. Worried Father Christmas might be chilly from his flight? Splash a bit of dark rum into the eggnog to warm him up (not too much; he’s driving).

Finally, Santa’s not the only one who needs mid-travel nourishment. Those eight tiny reindeer will burn a lot of calories flying around the globe. Leave some carrots and celery out for them, including some cranberries for Rudolph (they help his nose stay bright red).

Milk and Cookies waiting by the fireplace for Santa. Substitute eggnog for a seasonal touch Milk and cookies- a classic. Try substituting eggnog for a seasonal touch.

Milk and Cookies waiting by the fireplace for Santa. Try substituting eggnog for a seasonal touch.

With these simple steps, you can ensure your fireplace is Santa ready and he has an enjoyable visit to your home. Perhaps next year he’ll remember how pleasant his stay was and think kindly of you when he’s making his list and checking it twice.

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Gift Wrapped Fireplace Tools By Christmas

Nope, it’s not too late! If you order by noon EST on Wednesday, these fireplace tool sets will arrive in time for Christmas! We’ll even wrap them for you, saving you time and frustration. Gift giving has never been so easy. Click here to go shopping.

Black Open Basket Weave Fireplace Tool Set with free 2 day shipping and gift wrapping

Black Open Basket Weave Fireplace Tool Set

Black Tool Set for Wood Stove or Fireplace with free 2 day shipping and gift wrapping. Arrives by Christmas

Black Tool Set for Wood Stove or Fireplace

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Hearthside Living: Free Gift Wrapping

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