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Categories: General

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Olympics Trivia - Will you score Gold, Silver or Bronze on the Trivia Quiz?

As you watch the 2014 Olympics, safe and warm in front of your fireplace as the athletes perform amazing feats on freezing cold ice and snow, enjoy this 2014 Olympics trivia. Keep track of how many you get correct, so you will know if you earned a gold, silver or bronze medal (or if you are Off the Trivia Podium).

Question: Which has the fastest top recorded speed — a luge racer or a downhill skier?

Olympic Trivia: Which has the fastest recorded speed?Answer: At 156.2 miles per hour, the fastest recorded speed for a downhill skier is faster than the 95.7 m.p.h. record speed for a luge racer.

Question: How many new events will debut at the 2014 Winter Olympics?

Olympic Trivia: New Olympic Sports include mixed-sex team figure skating and snowboard slopestyle.

Answer: Twelve new sports debut at the 2014 Olympics include three mixed events (biathlon mixed relay, figure skating team event, and luge team relay).  Also included for the first time in the Olympics are men’s and women’s ski halfpipe, ski slopestyle, snowboard slopestyle, and snowboard parallel slalom and women’s ski jumping.

Question:  What is the weight of an Olympic curling stone?

2014 Olympic Trivia: What is the weight of an Olympic curling stone?

Answer: An Olympic curling stone weighs 42.1 pounds.

Question: Approximately how many people carried the Olympic torch to Sochi  for the 2014 Winter Olympics?

Olympic Trivia: How many people carried the Sochi Olympic torch for the winter games?

Answer: Approximately 14,000 people carried the Olympic torch the 40,000 miles from Olympia, Greece to Sochi, Russia.

Question: How much was the least expensive ticket to attend the Sochi opening ceremony?

Olympics Trivia: Cost of the least expensive ticket to the Sochi opening ceremony

Answer: $180.00.


So, how did you do on the Olympics Trivia quiz?

Did you score

  • Gold (5 correct)
  • Silver (4 correct)
  • Bronze (3 correct)
  • Off the Podium (2 or fewer correct)

Let us know in the comments section!


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