A fire pit grill turns a fire pit into a BBQ grill. This accessory extends the use of your fire pit, and allows you and your guests to share not only the delight of the fire but also the cooking of meals. Which style, size, and features best serve your needs?

Fire Pit Grill Styles and Features

Grills for fire pits differ in the following ways:

Square and rectangular fire pit grills come in the following widths:
14 – 20 inch adjustable width
26 inch width
30 inch square
and 30 inch rectangle
32 inch width

36 inch square
and 36 inch rectangle
40 inch square
and 40 inch rectangle


  • Access to the FireHinged and Foldable or Non-foldable
    The big advantage of a foldable fire pit grill is that it gives you easy access to tending and adding wood to your fire. They also store in a smaller space.


  • DesignMesh or Bars
    Consider what you will be cooking when you select a fire pit grill. A mesh is best for cooking small foods (such as asparagus or mushrooms) or foods that tend to flake apart (such as fish). Bars are a better choice for larger foods (such as hamburgers or steaks) or if you intend to use a pot on the grill (think soup or lobsters).
Fire Pit Grills with Mesh or with Bars

Fire Pit Grills with Mesh or with Bars


  • Adjustability Adjustable Height or Not
    If your fire pit grill’s height cannot be regulated, you can still control the temperature at which you are cooking by monitoring the heat of your fire and embers. But if your grill can be raised and lowered, you have an additional way of managing the cooking heat.


  • MaterialSteel, Chrome PlatedCast Iron or Stainless Steel
    By definition, fire pits are exposed to the elements. Steel, even when powder-coated with an exterior grade coating or when porcelain coated, will rust in any place that gets scratched. Cast iron will rust over time as it is exposed to rain and snow, but its added thickness gives it durability. Chrome plating is rust resistant but not rust proof. High quality stainless steel is the only material that will not rust.

Fire Pit Grill Selection and Use Tips

  • You can use a grill that does not mimic the shape of your fire pit. For example, a square or rectangular grill will work for a round fire pit as long as its width is greater than the diameter of the fire pit.
    Rectangular grill used with a round fire pit.
  • Before each use, pour a bit of vegetable oil on a paper towel and rub it on the grill. It will reduce food sticking as you cook and will make clean-up easier.
  • Use a spark guard screen with your fire pit when you are not cooking.
  • Using a fire pit grate for the firewood enables your fire to “breathe.”
  • Remember, the handles on your grill are going to be hot. Use high-temperature safe gloves or mitts when you touch the fire pit grill.

    Use heat resistant gloves with your fire pit grill.

    Use heat resistant gloves with your fire pit grill.