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by Tom


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If you have been staring at your living room wall for a while, and wondering what would liven it up a bit, then you may have already considered a fireplace. Although fireplaces are traditionally associated with old homes with chimneys and stockings attached there are a number of advantages that a fireplace brings that you may have missed out on. Here we will go through the list of living room fireplace advantages.

Living Room Fireplace Advantages

1.)  Heat

No matter how efficient or cost effective your current heating solution is, nothing feels better during a cold winter than sitting by a live fire. Whether you opt for a real fire or a gas-powered fire, the instant nature and heat of a fire will warm you up faster than any other heating option available in a home.

2.) Cost

As well as the heat benefit, a fireplace gives you the option of heating up only one area of the home, which can have a very good impact on your heating bill. Heating up one room that is used the most is infinitely more cost effective than heating up an entire home you are not going to use until nighttime.

3.) Eco friendliness

If you have a real fireplace, then there are many eco fuel options available to you in the form of smokeless coals and wood. If you are installing a gas powered fireplace, then using the fireplace instead of the inbuilt heating system will be more eco friendly in the long run than using installed gas heating.

4.) Aesthetics

There is no doubt that a real fire is very beautiful, and having one in your living room will not only give you a heating solution, but can also be very decorative. Real fires give you a mini bonfire in your living room, but modern gas powered heaters can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to make the fireplace more like an art installation than a heating solution. Gas powered fireplaces can be wall mounted and will also give you control over the flame distribution giving your home an extra bit of décor as well as a fireplace.

5.) Mood

Staring at a fire can be very relaxing, as the heat, sound and glow of a real fire tends to have a very soothing effect on those who sit around it. Because fire moves and dances around, the impact on the ambiance and feeling in a room instantly changes from a simple room to a warm and cozy room full of movement and warmth. Time to get the marshmallows I think!

6.) Extra Light Source

Fire emits light, and so putting a fireplace in a room is also putting another light source in a room. This new light source can be manipulated to have a design effect on the room. Switch off the lights and leave the fire for a cozy night in, or add lights and fire for brightness.

Ben writes about home improvements and currently writes for the tool hire company Speedy Services.

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  1. Gasshoppe July 13, 2012 at 8:12 AM - Reply

    You can never go wrong with having a fireplace in your living room, it makes such a great atmosphere. I now also dont mind the winter as I know I will always be warm.

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