Which Wood Stove Accessories Do You Need?

Wood Stove Essentials

Wood Stove Tools: You’ll want a set of wood stove fire tools, just the right size to work well with your wood stove. These wood stove accessories typically include a shovel, broom, poker, and rake.

Log Holder: A log holder keeps a supply of firewood right by the stove.

For Humidity Balance

Steamer or Kettle: Use a steamer or a kettle to replace the humidity that the stove takes out of the room.

Trivet: Put your steamer or kettle on a trivet to keep from scratching your stove.

Wood Stove Accessories for Added Convenience

Fire Starters: Fire starters like fatwood are wood stove accessories that provide a hot, strong flame to ignite your firewood.

Bellows or Blow Poke: A set of bellows or a blow poke helps you add oxygen when starting a fire, or re-kindling one that is dying out.

Hearth Center: A hearth center is a log rack with a set of fire tools hanging from it. These wood stove accessories coveniently keep everything neatly together, often in just one square foot of floor space.

Wood Stove Accessories for Ash Management

Ash Bucket: When you clean out your stove, put the ashes in an ash bucket.

Ash Vacuum: An ash vacuum is great for cleaning out your stove and cleaning the floor around it. Get the accessories kit to reach the back corners of the stove and the crevices.

Wood Stove Safety

Wood Stove Gloves: A pair of wood stove gloves prevents burns and splinters.

Child and Pet Wood Stove Safety Screen or Gate: Use a child and pet wood stove safety screen to keep kids and animals a safe distance away from the wood stove and to prevent burns.

Smoke and CO Alarms: Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are an absolute necessity to keep your family safe.

Accessories for Wood Stove Firewood Supply

Firewood Rack: Outdoor firewood racks are ideal wood stove accessories for drying and storing firewood.

Wood Splitter: An electric wood splitter is an affordable tool for splitting firewood and kindling.

Log Carrier or Log Cart: Use these to move firewood from outdoor storage inside to your wood stove.