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by Tom


Hot roaring fire in the fireplace

How to Build a Better Fireplace Fire

1. Tinder Tricks

Newspaper is the most popular tinder, and works very well. Avoid using color pages with lots of ink though. Another clever choice- toilet paper tubes stuffed with dryer lint. The dryer lint will light very easily, and will burn for a long time when stuffed into the tubes. Make sure your lint is from cotton loads like towels. Polyester melts rather than burns and puts off noxious fumes.

2. Start your Fire with Fatwood.

Fatwood is one of the best natural fire starters available. Loaded with energy-rich resin, just one or two strips of fatwood can have a fire roaring in no time. Wondering where to get some? We’ve got you covered!

3. Build Your Fire on a Grate

Grates raise your fire off the floor, allowing air to flow underneath and stoke the fire as it burns. Grates are available in just about any shape and size, including round for outdoor fire pits, so even if you have an unusual fireplace, there’s a grate that will work for your fireplace. View our fireplace and fire pit grates.

4. Burn Seasoned Firewood

Seasoned firewood, or firewood that has been allowed to dry, burns hotter, lights more easily, and puts off less smoke than unseasoned, green wood. See our recent post on firewood for more information.

5. Add some Color

Just for fun, add color to your fire with Magical Color Pine Cones. These are pine cones that have been treated to burn blue and green. Kids and adults both will love the light show.

To build and sustain a better fireplace fire, follow these 5 tips.

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