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by Tom


If you have a fireplace then you probably spend a large portion of the year leaving it as a big dark hole in the center of your living room, using it only in the winter months. The truth is, the fireplace can be used all through the year, but you just need a little bit of imagination to get there. Here we will go through ways that you can make the most of your fireplace in each season.

How to Make The Most of a Fireplace in Each Season of the Year

Winter time

In winter, of course, you can build fires in your fireplace. Using wood will make the fire crackle and spit, giving great sound effects and lighting effects to a harsh winter. If you have a good, well cleaned chimney, then any smoke from the fire should not affect the smell of your home. But if you throw olive leaves, cinnamon or vanilla shavings onto the fire it will throw out a delightful scent, adding the smell to your living room. A great way to take advantage of that winter fire!

Spring time

In spring time, there is cooler weather and a lot of rain. If you are like most people, you will have already dumped your fireplace in favor of central heating for occasional heat. You don’t have to do this! There’s no reason not to have an occasional fire on cool days. It will brighten up those damp, grey spring days and save money on your heating bill.

If you really do not want the fuss of fires during the springtime, you can clean the ashes from your fireplace and use it as a growing area for plants and herbs by filling the fireplace with potted plants. The fireplace is a nice shady area, which is great for seeds that take a while to sprout and also a good place for spider plants that will cover up the hole and decorate your living room.

Summer time

During the summer, your fireplace can be used for decorative and aromatic purposes. This makes the fireplace a great home for nice smelling flowers and herbs, and passing breezes will throw the scent around your home. You can also use your fireplace as a home for potpourri or candles: which not only look very pretty, but smell nice too!

Autumn time

As the months are getting cooler it’s time to start preparing for the winter. During this time, stacked bits of wood, tied neatly in bundles can look very picturesque, and decorate your home in line with the seasonal mood.

To add a nice scent, tie incense, herbs such as cinnamon, vanilla or rosemary to your log piles so that the light breeze sends a nice waft through the room.


Round the calendar, you can make the most of your fireplace in each season.


Ben writes about home improvements and currently works for a Guernsey estate agents .

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