How To Protect a Chimney from Birds, Bees

Top-sealing Lyemance Damper

Spring has arrived. Warm weather is rolling in to most the country, birds are singing, bugs are flying, and flowers are blooming.

The warm weather means birds, bugs, and other animals are searching out places to nest and raise their young. To them, your chimney is an attractive home. Birds, especially swifts, swallows, and even some ducks, commonly build nests inside chimneys. Bees have been known to build hives inside chimneys, often causing bees to fly down into the house, causing a serious problem. Mammals such as raccoons, squirrels, and bats will come down the chimney to roost or raise their young.

So, how do you keep all these spring creatures out of your chimney and home?

How to Keep Animals out of Chimney

The most complete protection for your chimney and home is a combination Lyemance Damper and Chimney Cap. The Lyemance Damper like the one above acts as a door at the top of your chimney. Simply pull the handle in your fireplace to close the door, sealing off your chimney with an air-tight seal. During the winter when you want a fire, simply open the damper with the handle in the fireplace. The air-tight damper is the only way to keep bees out of your chimney. As an added bonus, the Lyemance Damper will reduce your heating bill by keeping hot air from going out the chimney.

Top-sealing Lyemance Damper

Top-sealing Lyemance Damper

The chimney cap keeps birds, bats, squirrels, raccoons, and other animals out of your chimney when the damper is open. The lid of the chimney cap also prevents rain water from coming down into your chimney.

A Top-Mount Damper and Chimney Cap combination will assure your chimney is safe from intrusion.

Click here to view our selection of chimney top mount dampers and top mount dampers with included chimney caps.

Keep birds out of chimney with top-damper with chimney cap

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Mother’s Day Candelabra Giveaway!

mother's day fireplace candelabra giveaway

Candelabra Giveaway for Mom’s Big Day

Moms will love this beautiful Expandable Fireplace Candelabra, and you can win one! It expands from 19 inches wide to 50 inches, so it will fit just about any fireplace. But why limit it to just the fireplace? This candelabra would be a stunning centerpiece for dining room, or anywhere else for a bit of candle light ambiance. The winner of the candelabra giveaway will receive the Expandable Candelabra as well as a set of 3 inch ivory candles! Enter to win below!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Decorate Fireplace and Mantel for Spring

Decorate fireplace for spring

The snow has finally melted and flowers are beginning to bloom—so why not bring a little of the outdoors inside? Move over spring cleaning, it’s time to have some fun and decorate! Spring decorating gives you the excuse to bring some natural elements indoors. Get your fireplace mantle ready for the season with some of these easy tips that will make all of your neighbors coveting your style and wanting more.

Decorate Fireplace for Spring

1. Mirrors

Some homeowners are ambivalent to hang mirrors above their mantle because they think that they aren’t functional. No, you can’t see yourself in the mirror but it gives your room dimension and creates an illusion that your room is larger than it is. With the days a little brighter and the sunshine finally out, mirrors are a great way to add reflection and light into your main or family room.

2. Long Branches

Whether you clip them directly off of your tree or purchase some artificial branches, long tree branches (especially cherry branches) will enhance the height of your mantle and will bring some fresh garden smells into your home.

3. Wheat Grass

If you are looking for an affordable alternative to spring blossoms such as hyacinths or lilacs, consider planting some wheat grass seeds in a small or large container. If planted right, wheat grass will grow in just a couple of days. Add some real life greenery to your mantle to create a spring mantle-scape that will brighten up your living space in an instant.

4. Pebbles in Vases

Vase fillers have been popular for years. If you haven’t already gotten into this trend, spring is the best time to do so. Fill glass vases with pebbles to add an element of dimension to your flower arrangements all while giving flower stems a stable place to rest.

5. Ceramics

Ceramic planters and vases aren’t just for your front porch and patio; they are a great way to bring an element of the outdoors into your home all while maintaining sophistication and class.  Try adding silk or artificial flowers or fresh flowers to a tall ceramic vase to create an indoor/outdoor look that will leave you excited for springtime.


Leslie Mason is a homemaker, garden expert, and has experience helping Arizona, California, and Utah home builders decorate their model homes. She currently lives with her husband George in Seattle, Washington.

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How to Clean Glass Fireplace Door with Ash

Clean Glass Fireplace Doors with Ash

Every winter your fireplace produces buckets of ashes, which you probably just throw out. Why not put some of those ashes to use?  You can make an effective and free cleaner out of them to remove the soot from and clean glass fireplace doors.

Here’s how to clean glass fireplace doors with ash:

  1. Make sure the ashes you’ll be using are cool, with no hot embers buried in them. The best way to do this is to let them sit in a metal container for several days after scooping the ashes out of the fireplace.
  2. Simply dip a damp sponge or wet newspaper into the ashes and start scrubbing the glass doors. We recommend wearing rubber gloves for this, as the ash solution is alkaline. Using ashes instead of normal cleaners will require a bit more elbow grease, but the ashes are free and eco-friendly.
  3. Once you’re removed the soot, spray the glass with white vinegar and wipe off with a cloth rag to polish the glass and remove any residue. That’s it! Brilliantly clear glass, with no commercial cleaners.

Fireplace ash is useful not only for cleaning soot off glass, but as fertilizer, de-icer, soap, and silver polish. You will be amazed at how useful this “waste” can actually be. Click here for more tips on using your fireplace ashes around the house.  

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