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CO Alarm Beeping – What to Do

What to do if the carbon monoxide CO alarm is beeping

What to Do If Your Carbon Monoxide Alarm Goes Off

When the CO Alarm is Beeping, What Then?

Carbon monoxide CO alarm beeping

→  If one or more person is illclick here.

If no one is showing symptoms…click here.

Carbon monoxide (CO) can sicken or even kill occupants of homes without CO alarms. The gas cannot be seen or smelled, and the symptoms are ones that can easily be mistaken for a headache, flu, cold, asthma, or general fatigue. In addition, dangerous levels of carbon monoxide can build up before some people are even aware of symptoms.

According to the Center for Disease Control, symptoms of toxic levels of carbon monoxide can include any of the following:

•Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
•Impaired vision
•Disorientation or confusion
•Impaired coordination

If carbon monoxide CO alarm beeping and no one in the home is feeling ill or showing symptoms, follow these steps:

1. Silence the alarm.

2. Turn off or extinguish all fuel-burning appliances and systems including gas furnaces, grills, vehicles, and wood-burning furnaces or fireplaces or wood stoves. Open doors and windows to air out the house.

3. Relocate infants and children, pregnant women, people with heart or lung problems, and the elderly from the home to a safe location.

open the windows and doors4. Open doors and windows to air out the house.

5. Call a qualified technician to inspect your fuel-burning systems and appliances to locate the source of any carbon monoxide buildup.

6. Do not use any of your fuel-burning appliances and systems until you get the “All Clear” signal from the inspecting technician(s).

7. Replace any batteries older than 6 months old in a battery powered carbon monoxide detector.

If you hear more than one carbon monoxide CO alarm beeping, even if no one is feeling ill, follow the directions below.

If carbon monoxide CO alarm beeping and one or more people are experiencing possible symptoms, immediately do the following:

1. Evacuate everyone right away. Do not stop to silence the alarm.

Call 9112. Call 9-1-1 or the appropriate emergency number in your area. Give them

  • your address,
  • the number of people feeling ill and their symptoms, as well as
  • the information that your carbon monoxide alarm has sounded.

3. If the emergency medical personnel determine one or more of you should be transported to a hospital for evaluation or treatment, comply even if people are now feeling better. Remember, CO poisoning can impair your judgment, so trust the EMT’s.

4. Do not go back into the house until you get the “All Clear” signal from the fire department.

5. Have your fuel-burning appliances and systems inspected by qualified professionals to determine the source or sources of carbon monoxide.

6. Have the source of the carbon monoxide repaired by a qualified technician.

7. Replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide alarms.

8. If your carbon monoxide alarms are more than six years old, replace them.


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3 Plus 1 Mantel Decorating Trick

3 plus 1 Mantel Decorating Trick

Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel with the 3 Plus 1 Mantel Decorating Trick

Mastering the Mantelpiece by Megan Buerger



This FireplaceMall post was featured in The Washington Post’s PostPoints, November 18, 2010, in Mastering the Mantelpiece by Megan Buerger.


You’ve found the perfect mirror, painting, quilt, tapestry, or element to center above your fireplace mantel. But how will you decorate the fireplace mantel itself to get that “decorator look”?

One easy trick decorators use over and over again with fireplaces is the 3 Plus 1 Mantel Decorating Trick. Here’s how it works:

For the “Three” part of the 3 Plus 1 Mantel Decorating Trick, select three related, similar objects and place them on one side of your fireplace mantel. The three objects should not be of identical height, but, then again, they shouldn’t vary too much in size.

You might choose three objects to decorate your fireplace mantel that reflect your interests or things you collect. Keep in mind the colors and style of the room the fireplace mantel is in.

For a living room, perhaps three candles or three framed pictures or three decorative plates would be just the thing. In a beach home, it might be three good-sized, lovely seashells or three pieces of coral or three model sailboats. For a den you might try three different beer steins or three pottery pots or three antique clocks. A dining room mantel might contain three decorative teapots or three glass sculptures or a set of three different lanterns.

When you group your three selected object on one side of the fireplace mantel, don’t line them up like soldiers. Think in terms of layering. Experiment with bringing one forward, one visually overlapping another, or tucking one a bit behind another.

Instead of having the three objects face straight into the room, experiment with having them face a bit toward the center of the fireplace mantle.

Don’t cram the three objects all the way to the left or right end of the fireplace mantel. Leave a bit of space after the last object so the end of the fireplace mantel serves as an edging for your grouping.

For the “One” part of the 3 Plus 1 Mantel Decorating Trick, select a large object and place it on the other end of your fireplace mantel. As a rule of thumb, this singular object should be either about twice as tall as the threesome of objects or have the “visual mass” of the three objects. If you go with a tall object, it should not be as tall as the top of your mirror or painting. Again, don’t push the object all the way to the very end of the mantel.

The one large object may have something in common with the three objects on the other end of the fireplace mantel. Maybe it echoes a color or a texture or a shape or a theme found in one or more of the objects at the other end of the mantel.

Here are some ideas if you’re searching for a tall, singular object for decorating your fireplace mantel: a topiary or other plant with a strong vertical line; a tall vase with a few dramatic silk flowers; a big, bold candlestick and wide candle; a dramatic sculpture; a tall clock; a lofty, decorative urn; or a tall object from a personal collection.

The 3 Plus 1 Mantel Decorating Trick works with almost all decorating styles. Experiment and have fun with it, trying different “3 plus 1” mantel arrangements throughout the year, even for seasonal displays.

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Fireplace Screen Shapes

Fireplace screen shapes

A Quick Guide to New and Traditional Fireplace Screen Shapes →

Fireplace Screen Shapes

Thinking about a new fireplace screen for your hearth? There are more options available now, including in fireplace screen shapes, than just a few years ago. Don’t be overwhelmed by the possibilities, though. Here’s a quick guide to fireplace screen shapes.

Fireplace screens vary

  • by the number of panels they have,
  • by whether the panels are straight or bowed,
  • by the shape of the top of the screen, and
  • by whether they have access doors.

There is also a distinction between fireplace screens and fireplace spark guards.

Single panel arched fireplace screenOne panel screens are very popular now. Flat one panel screens fit up flat against your fireplace and are visually integral to the fireplace opening. They usually sit on adjustable “feet.”

Bowed fireplace screenCurved single panel fireplace screens have a gentle bow in them that allows them to stand without feet. Placed in front of the fireplace, each side edge of a bowed screen is against your fireplace wall, but the middle of the screen bows out a bit from the fireplace opening.

Three-panel, four-panel, and five-panel fireplace screens are piano hinged between each panel. This allows you to position the side panels to fit the width of your fireplace.

Three panel fireplace screenThree panel fireplace screens are probably the most familiar style. The middle panel is typically about twice as wide as each of the side panels. Three-panel screens are often favored for traditional settings.

Some have bowed panels; each panel is gently bowed so the entire screen forms one, continuous bow when placed on your hearth.

Four panel  fireplace screenFour panel fireplace screens, although one of the less common fireplace screen shapes, have a unique appeal. They stand easily and can be adjusted to fireplaces of different widths. In addition, it is easy to fold just two of the panels to tend your fire. A five-panel fireplace screen is a rarity but these fireplace screens do bring a distinctly graceful visual balance to any hearth.

Arched three panel  fireplace screenSingle panel, three-panel, four-panel, and five-panel fireplace screens all can be had with arched tops or flat tops. Arched fireplace screens are popular not only with homeowners with arched fireplaces, but also with those who want a break from all the horizontal lines of most fireplace setting.

The arched screens—whether each panel is individually arched or the screen as a whole has a single arch—can add visual interest and drama to your hearth.

Single panel fireplace screen with doorsAccess doors are a relatively new feature on fireplace screens. Most screens must be moved to tend a fire or add logs. Not so with fireplace screens with doors built into them. Access doors are most common on single panel screens and on the center panel of three-panel screens.

spark guardA separate category of screen is the “spark guard.” Spark guards are screens that not only protect sparks from coming straight out from your fire into your room but also protect you from sparks that might shoot up-and-out into your room. Typically, they look much like a three-panel screen with two important differences: First, an additional top section of screening goes from the top of the three panels up to the fireplace wall. Often this top section of screening is shaped like the curved section of an old fashioned roll-front desk. Second, none of the panels is hinged. The entire spark guard is rigid. To tend a fire, handles on the spark guard allow the rigid unit to be picked up and moved away from the fire.

Your new fireplace screen can look just like the fireplace screen grandma used to have. But it doesn’t have to! Fireplace screen shapes include both newer ones and classical shapes updated. Consider all fireplace screen shapes to determine which one will best serve your decorating and functional needs.

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Oval Flue Chimney Cap Measure

Ho to Measure for an Oval Chimney Cap to Fit an Oval Flue

How to Measure for an Oval Flue Chimney Cap:
Oval Flue Chimney Cap Measure Guide

Virtually all oval flues are on buildings and outdoor fireplaces in California, Oregon and other Western, wild-fire prone areas. Thus, chimney caps for oval flues always come with smaller than customary spaces between the screen mesh wires. These smaller mesh, California spark arrestor style chimney caps are required to have screen openings no larger than 5/8 of an inch on each side. By contrast, most chimney caps have 3/4 inch screen screen openings.

Unless they are custom made from a template of a specific oval flue, oval flue chimney caps’ exteriors are rectangular in shape, as they are also made to fit rectangular flues with rounded corners. When you look inside these chimney caps, however, you will see the corner-tabs or interior ledges that accommodate oval flues. See the photo below.

The interior of each oval flue chimney cap has corner tabs to accommodate oval flues.

The interior of each oval flue chimney cap has corner tabs to accommodate oval flues.

Stainless steel chimney caps all carry a Lifetime Warranty, so they are a good choice. If your chimney cap is for an oval flue in a saltwater environment, we strongly recommend a stainless steel chimney cap instead of a galvanized steel one.

What to Measure for an Oval Flue Chimney Cap

If you have an oval flue, measure the outside length and width of your flue.

Gelco chimney cap with small mesh Gelco Stainless Steel Chimney Caps
for Oval Flues
 Forever Cap with small mesh  Forever Cap Multi-Flue Stainless
Steel Chimney Cap
for Oval Flues
 HomeSaver Pro Black Galvanized Chimney Cap for Single Oval Flue  HomeSaver Pro Black Galvanized
Chimney Caps 
for Single Oval Flues
 Adjustable Chimney Cap for Oval, Square or Rectangular Flues  Adjustable Chimney Cap
for Square, Rectangular,
or Oval Flue


Select an oval flue chimney cap like any of the ones above. Within the screened area, they all have corner tabs or interior edges. Those interior modifications make it possible for them to sit on an oval-shaped flue.


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