Nine Best Types of Firewood

best types of firewood

While burning seasoned firewood is important, the type of wood you burn will also affect the quality of your fire. What are the best types of firewood to burn in a fireplace? These are the best types of firewood because all

  • light easily,
  • produce a lot of heat,
  • split easily, and
  • emit minimal smoke.

9 Best Types of Firewood

  1. Ash
  2. Red oak
  3. White oak
  4. Beech
  5. Birch
  6. Hickory
  7. Sugar maple (hard maple)
  8. Pecan
  9. Dogwood

For more information on how well different types of wood burn, visit the Forest Products Laboratory website.

birch logs




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4 comments on “Nine Best Types of Firewood
  1. Sandy says:

    What about burning seasoned Eucalyptus? Is this not a good wood to burn in an inside fireplace?

    • Tom says:

      Hi Sandy, that’s a great question. I did a bit of research, and it looks like eucalyptus is an excellent firewood, provided it is well seasoned and you take care not to overheat your woodstove, if using one. Eucalyptus contains a lot of oils that burn very hot and can actually damage woodstoves if not used carefully. If you’re worried about your fire getting too hot, simply mix in some less dense wood with the eucalyptus. Enjoy your fires this winter!

  2. Jennifer says:

    What about Almond wood? I just moved from the East Coast where I am used to burning oak and maple, to California. My chimney sweeper recommends Almond. They sell for about $350 to $450 a cord… is that a reasonable price?



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