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Fire Pit Use, Safety and Enjoyment Tips 

Warm weather means more time to enjoy your outdoor fire pit or fireplace.
Get the most out of your summer and fire pit with these popular tips from :

How to select a fire pit grate that is the best shape and size for your fire pit. How to tell how durable the fire pit grate will be.

These best fire pit use tips put an end to fire pit hassles, inconveniences and bugs.

Outdoor fires make memorable experiences for children, families and friends. However, fire pits and fire bowls produce temperatures that can result in burns. Safety essentials and tips for  maintaining a child-safe outdoor fire environment is crucial.

How to grill with your fire pit, cook using the embers, or use cooking pots with your fire pit.

From the most basic to the most clever, fire pit log stump stools capture the essence and simplicity of gathering around a fire.

  • What NOT to Burn in a Fire Pit

    Toxic fumes? You may be surprised at the things that are often tossed into fire pits that give off toxic fumes when burned!!

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    Ugly Christmas sweater party on your calendar? Or looking for a unique and fun way to celebrate the holidays? Maybe you enjoy keeping your friends and coworkers entertained. Fireplace sweaters let you take the hearth glow wherever you go. So

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  • Bioenergy Day

    The United States celebrates National Bioenergy Day each October. It recognizes and encourages the use of renewable and sustainable bioenergy sources. In 2021, National Bioenergy Day is October 20. When any organic material with few or no productive applications is

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