Human Skull Fire Logs

fireproof imitation human skull fire logs

Can you envision human skull fire logs that appear to be actual human skulls amid flames in your fire pit or fireplace? Only at Halloween or year around? Do you have a friend who would be thrilled to be gifted with life-sized, reusable imitation human skull fire logs?

Fireproof Human Skull Fire Logs

Maybe it takes a special mindset, but you might be surprised at how popular fireproof imitation human skull fire logs are, in fire pits all year and in indoor fireplaces during the Halloween season.


These fireproof human skull fire logs are made much the way other fireproof ceramic refractory log sets are made. But instead of being shaped like a set of burning logs for your gas fireplace, each “log” is a human-looking skull. The skull logs are crafted from a combination refractory cement (to maximize the heat output) and ceramics mixture (to prevent cracking under the stress of heat) and reinforced with steel. To finish the skull look, five coats of non-toxic, fireproof paint are hand applied. Your color choice? Select from

The human skull fire logs are will not burn up. Instead, they are just as reusable as ceramic gas log sets. Use them again and again in any vented

  • natural gas fireplaces or fire pits,
  • propane gas fire pits or fireplaces, and
  • wood fire pits or fireplaces.

They are not for use in vent-free or vent-less fire pits or fire places.

As with anything that’s been within a fire, the human skull shaped fire logs will darken with the residues of combustion (soot) over time. That just makes them increasingly realistic looking!

skull shaped refractory ceramic log

High heat resistant human skull shaped fire log. Image by manufacturer, Myard.

Each fireproof human skull fire log weighs about eight pounds and appears the size of an adult human’s skull.  Just like real human skulls, these human fire skull logs vary a bit in size, but are 8 to 9 inches long and 5 to 6.5 inches wide. The lower jaw comes packaged in foam separately in the box, and the pieces snap together. The jaw is designed so it props the skull up into an open-mouthed position. Once assembled and placed within a fire, flames will appear within the jaw opening. Flames will not come through the nose or eyes of theses high heat resistant imitation human skulls, though.

To use the human skull fire logs in a wood fire bowl or fire pit, build a fire with firewood, but before you light it, add one or more of these human skull fire logs. Then sit back and watch the spookiness begin!

When in a burning fire, flames flow around the skull and through the jaw opening, creating an eerie sight not easily forgotten. A single human skull fire log centered in a fire pit or fire place is eye-catching. But a pile of 3, 5 or more of them are positively heart-stopping!

Fireproof Demon Skull Fire Logs

If human skulls don’t offer enough thrills and chills for you, go one step further with black or white demon skull fire logs. On these, the eyes and nose holes are open, so flames shoots through them.

lWhich suits your Halloween style, human skills or demon skulls wrapped in flames, lighting your fire pit or fire place? Or would you rather have the skeletons or skull on the mantel or by the fireplace?

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Bathroom Fireplace

Bathroom Fireplace

Usually when we think of a fireplace, we think of sharing it with friends and family. There is one type of fireplace, however, that is designed to enjoyed alone, in privacy: the bathroom fireplace.

A bathroom fireplace is a personal and elegant indulgence. It is the ultimate for creating a spa-like retreat from the cares of the world and the demands of others.

Bathroom Fireplace Styles, Ideas and Examples

Be inspired by these examples of bathroom fireplaces. Some have wood burning fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, gas fireplaces, and ethanol fuel fireplaces. Some are in rustic homes, others are in traditional homes, and still others in modern homes. Some of the bathroom fireplaces are on one wall of the bathroom; others are in the corner of the room; others form a dividing wall between sections of the bathroom or between the bathroom and an adjoining bedroom; and a few are even in the midst of the floor.

Top Considerations for a Bathroom Fireplace

  • The most important design decision is to elevate the fireplace to eye-level so you can best see it and feel its warmth when you are in the bathtub.
  • Keep the layout visually clean: A bathroom is the essence of cleanliness. Don’t clutter your bathroom fireplace with extra “stuff”. For example, keep the ash bucket for a wood burning fireplace out of sight.

The Bathroom Fireplace  on the Wall

The traditional place for a fireplace is on a wall. But these bathroom fireplaces are anything but ho-hum!

Stones surround the oval tub with a view of the store fireplace and wood plank walls.

Photo credit

  • Look at the width of the old rustic planks on the wall! The stone of the tub surround and shower walls also match the old stones of this wood-burning fireplace. Notice the potted pines on either side that continue the (elegant!) cabin feel.

    Wall fireplace and oval freestanding bathtub

    Photo credit


  •  A room adjoining the master bedroom was turned into this luxury bathroom. Luckily, the room already had a fireplace, so the stand-alone tub was centered in the room to maximize the enjoyment of the fireplace.
Brunner Heizen auf Bayerisch

Photo credit


  •  This modern style wood burning fireplace has sleek, contemporary lines. At one end of the wall into which it is set is a bench for lounging. At the other end is a large niche for firewood storage. The firewood and the stone tile on the tub both provide texture to the room.


freestanding bathtub in bath with fireplace

Photo credit


  •  Love the built-in, chromatherapy lighting on the side of the stand-alone, modern bathtub! The wall with the recessed electric fireplace is completely tiled with stone tiles. The glass enclosed shower on the right, like the tub, provides a good view of the fireplace.


  • The arched fireplace surround is tiled with colors that match the wall and water. The arch is echoed in the oval tub and the arched tub surround. The sink bases compliment the wood base of the tub. The elevated fireplace is perfectly placed for a soaking person.


  •  Love the contrast of fire and water! A fireplace is within view of this memorable rain shower room of this Lisbon hotel.


  •  An effervescent infinity bath with chromatherapy stands in front of a raised traditional fireplace. What’s chromatherapy? You can set the bath’s lighting to match your fireplace fire, your mood, or your bathroom’s color scheme.


The Bathroom Fireplace as a Divider

Two-sided fireplaces, such as those open on one side to a bedroom and on the other side to a bathroom, can have drafting issues. The solution is to include a chimney fan such as an Enervex fan in your design. Here’s how chimney fans work.

The Spa Bath with fireplace

Photo credit The Spa Bath by Tina Skinner

  •  This two-sided fireplace and its stone wall separates the bathroom and bedroom of this suite. Its elevated height not only makes it ideal to watch from the tub but also makes it just the right height to see from the bed.
Pony wall fireplace in bathroom

Photo credit

  •  Set in a pony-wall, this fireplace divides the bedroom and the bath areas, but allows the light from the large bath window to flow through into the bedroom. The stand-alone tub separates the bathroom from the closet area of the room.
Opulent bathroom fireplace

Photo credit

  •  Everything about the bathroom says classic opulence! Marble everywhere, tray ceilings with crown moldings, storage to die for, and a manor house worthy fireplace! This fireplace wall sets the bathing area apart from the sinks (and windows.)
Fireplace separates bedroom and bath

Photo credit

  •  This is a clean-lined take on a fireplace wall dividing the bedroom and bathroom. The glass enclosed shower, the tub and the bed all have an ideal view of the fireplace.
Rustic Bathroom Fireplace

Photo credit

  • Stone dominates both the fireplace and the tub surround in the rustic bathroom fireplace. The two-sided fireplace shares its view with both the bedroom and the bathtub.

The Corner Bathroom Fireplace

In smaller bathrooms, or when retrofitting existing bathrooms with a fireplace, a corner fireplace or wood stove is often the best solution.

round corner stove in bathroom

Photo credit

  •  This is one example of a bathroom fireplace where it is not placed for enjoying as you bathe or shower. But the round corner fireplace fits in just perfectly with the rustic-industrial look of the cement walls and unfinished wood. Notice that in this design, no glass shower wall or shower curtain are needed. The bathtub (with a skylight above) and the shower share one large “wet area.”
corner bathroom fireplace

Photo credit

  •  This bathroom would be special even without the corner fireplace (and even without the candelabrum on the floor!) The view of the fireplace is great from the oval freestanding tub, glass walled shower, and glass sinks.

The Bathroom Fireplace in the Floor

The most unusual but unforgettable placement of a bathroom fireplace is in the floor!

Round fireplace in the bathroom floor


  •  A round gas fireplace amid the floor of this bathroom even takes the focus away from the striking bathtub!


When  you design your dream house or remodel an existing bathroom, consider the advantages of a fireplace to brighten, warm, and extend the luxury of your bathroom.

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DIY Fire Pit Log Stump Stools

Fire Pit Log Seating

If you burn wood in your fire pit, you have the makings of DIY fire pit log stump stool – the firewood logs themselves. From the most basic to the most clever, fire pit log stump stools capture the essence and simplicity of gathering around a fire. Here are directions for making a variety of DIY fire pit log stump stools.

Tips for Log Stump Stools

  • Use well-dried, seasoned logs to avoid seating with sticky sap.
  • A comfortable seating height for adults is 18 inches. Children’s log stump stools can  be shorter.
  • When you place your stump seating around the fire pit, consider whether you want it close enough to reach the edges of the fire when roasting marshmallows or hot dogs.

The Most Basic Fire Pit Log Stump Stools

Take a log  at least 12 inches in diameter. Stools 14 to 16 inches in diameter are more comfortable. Chainsaw it at a 90 degree angle at both ends to create an 18 inches tall stump stool. Sand to remove any splinters on the seating top. That’s it! Make more and circle your fire pit area. Instant fire pit log seats!

fire pit log seats - stumps in fire circle


If you want log stools without any of the work, you can purchase them ready-made:

log s


Painted Fire Pit Log Stump Stools

Turn the most basic of log stump seats into WOW stump seats with the addition of glow-in-the-dark paints.  Paint the tops with at least two coats of self-luminous (not black light) paint.  The seats will need to be in sunlight during the day to recharge the paint. At night they will look almost like the Tree Ring lights below by Justin Beaumont for Straight Line Designs.

Tree Rings


Bark-Free Log Stump Stools

Do you prefer the look – or the feel –  of smooth, bark-free log stump stools? The Art of Doing Stuff shared how to remove bark from logs to create stump seating or a log table:


How to remove bark from logs



Derriere Care with Log Stump Stools

Now let’s consider comfort. There are two basic ways to make a log stump seat more fanny friendly. One way is to sand out a scooped area in the middle of the top of the log that more or less matches our seated anatomy. The Hug by Emo uses this concept. Note that they have also drilled a hole all the way through the log and added a nifty carrying rope handle.

Emo Hug seat scoops out top for comfort

A second way to add comfort is to add a softer top, something to cushion your fire pit log seat. The 15 3/4 inch diameter, 2 3/4 inch high tree soft plush seat cushion is ideal. Attach it to the stump with sticky back Velcro so it doesn’t slip off the stump. Your stump will need to be at least 16 inches wide for these tree-ring like cushions.


tree ring plush cushion


Or you can create and attach your own cushion with an outdoor, waterproof fabric in a solid or print and a foam cushion.

fire pit log stool with cushioned seat

Attach it with sticky back Velcro, staple gun  or  upholstery tacks.

upholstery tacks


Here are instructions by HaHappenings for a cushioned log stool seat:

cushioned log stool

Or cut out a circle of waterproof fabric larger than the diameter of your stump stool. Add elastic toward the edge of the circle so it looks like a large shower cap. Place a round foam cushion on the stump stool, and cover the whole top including the cushion with the elasticized circle.




More Complex Fire Pit Log Stump Stools

Here’s a way to make a log stool with more than one log: Collect smaller diameter, straight logs that are all the same length. They should be about 18 inches long. Birch logs make especially visually pleasing log stools.

birch logs

Completely fill a square or rectangular container such as a large milk crate with the logs, all the log ends sticking up.

large square container such as milk crate

Experiment with the logs you have to get the tightest fit. Then remove one log at a time, and use a glue gun to glue it to the adjoining ones until they are all one mass. It will look somewhat like the one below from Michael Scott.


Alternatively, you can purchase these teak cubes already made and use them as stools or end tables:


Other ready-to-order log or log-look stools include the following:




Fire pit log stump stools can also be used, of course, as end tables or individual dining tables!




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How to Roast Corn in a Fire

How to Roast Corn in a Fire Pit or Fireplace

Learn how to roast corn in a fire pit or fireplace, with or without foil. Each how to roast corn in a fire method has its advantages and disadvantages. But both are simple and delicious.

How to Roast Corn in a Fire with Perfect Results

Whether you are using a fireplace or an outdoor fire, the basic procedure is the same: Roast your ears of in a bed of coals, not in the flames of a fire. After your fire is well established and you have coals, use a shovel to move the coals to one side of the fireplace or fire pit.  Continue your fire on the other side of the fire pit or fireplace.

When serving the cooked corn,  wooden, disposable corn on the cob holders can be tossed into the fire after use!

how to roast corn in a fire - disposable corn on the cob holders

 Method #1 How to Roast Corn in a Fire Pit or Fireplace using Foil

Shuck your ears of corn.  You have your choice of completely removing the outer husks and silks or just pulling them down to the bottom of the ears. If you pull them down, the husks will serve as your handle for each ear, so don’t wrap the husks in aluminum foil and leave the husk-handles sticking out of the coals.

Roast the foil wrapped ears of corn in the coal bed for about 10 minutes. Poke an ear with a fork to confirm whether they are ready for butter, salt, pepper and eating.

How to roast corn in a fire pit or fireplace with foilAdvantages:

          • You can prepare the ears ahead of time.
          • With the husks pulled back, you have a ready-made handle for removing the ears from the coal bed.
          • If you’ll be eating outdoors, the foil wrapper provides a convenient “plate”.
          • Before wrapping the corn in foil, you can season it with butter, salt, and pepper or you can wrap a slice of bacon around each ear for added flavor.
          • This method results in ears that more closely resemble corn that has been cooked inside. Particularly with children, familiarity matters.


          • Getting all of the silk off is a bit of a nuisance, but a corn brush desilker helps significantly.
          • You cannot dispose of the aluminum foil in the fire – it can give off toxic fumes when burned. 


Method #2 How to Roast Corn in a Fire Pit or Fireplace without Foil

There’s something very satisfying about roasting an un-husked ear of corn directly in the coals of a fire, just the way our ancestor did long ago.

Hot to roast corn in a fire pit or fireplace in husks

First, completely submerge the un-husked ears of corn into a bucket or tub of water for an hour or more before cooking time. You will probably need to weight them down to keep them completely submerged.  (On a summer evening, a watermelon often makes a handy weight.)

Remove the ears from the water and shake off excess water (you don’t want the water to extinguish the heat in your coals.) Put the ears into a bed of coals. Using long, outdoor tongs, rotate the ears at least once to promote more even cooking. The outside husk will darken, even turn black. Due to the water, they will take longer to cook, about 15 minutes, than foil wrapped cobs.

Remove from the fire’s coals and the husks and silk will fall right off the cob! Season and eat.


  • Because they have been soaked in water, they almost never burn.
  • This method makes removing the husks and silk a piece of cake.
  • Corn on the cob cooked this way will have a unique, slightly smoky flavor.
  • After your meal the husks can go back into the fire, making clean-up super simple.


  • Someone has to remember to start soaking the ears at least an hour before cooking time.
  • You cannot pre-season the corn before it cooks.

Whether you use the built-in wrappers Mother Nature provides or employ foil, these tips will show you how to roast corn in a fire pit, fire ring, or fireplace with perfect results. Cooking in the fireplace or fire pit turns the meal into an adventure for kids and a memorable event for adults. See directions and tips for cooking other foods in fire pits here.


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