Fireplaces 101 – The Ultimate Chimney Guide

Fireplace 101 - The Ultimate Chimney Guide

Fireplaces 101 – The Ultimate Chimney Guide

Here’s everything you wanted to know and understand about your fireplace and chimney and their parts, including how to clean your fireplace and how to use the tools in your fireplace set.

ultimate chimney guide

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The free-to-use infographic above answers the questions you may have wondered about your fireplace and chimney:

  • What are its parts?

What the difference between a chimney and a flue?

What’s the chimney crown?

What’s the difference between a throat damper and a top damper?  Where are they?

If the damper is on top of the chimney, how do I open it so I can light the fire?  Tell me I won’t have to climb on the roof to open it!

What’s the firebox and what’s the hearth?

What’s the purpose of the hearth?

What’s a chase and a chase cover?

What do you call that <screen box on top of the chimney that keeps rain and animals out?

My chimney has a “throat”?  Why?

  • Can I really clean my own fireplace and chimney? How do I clean my fireplace?  What do I need, and how do I do it?  Should I scrub the bricks with a wire brush or a nylon brush?  What solution will clean it without damaging the bricks or mortar?
  • What’s the best way to clean the glass fireplace doors?
  • What fireplace accessories are essential?
  • What fireplace accessories will give me more heat or will make my fireplace more convenient to use?
  • What do you call that fireplace tool that picks up logs?  What about the one used to jab at and move firewood?
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