10 Fun and Delicious S’mores Recipes

delicious smores recipe

Everyone knows about s’mores- the sticky, gooey combination of roasted marshmallow and Hershey’s chocolate squeezed between graham crackers. The recipe is a classic for evening fires around the fire pit. But why not mix up the classic recipe and try out some fun and delicious variations? Read on to check out our 10 favorite alternative s’mores recipes.

1. Peanut Butter and Marshmallow on Graham Crackers

peanut butter s'moresRegular s’mores not sticky enough for you? Give this recipe a shot. As a bonus- keeps noisy kids from talking.

2. Lemon Icing, Coconut, and Marshmallow on Graham Crackers

coconut lemon smoreLike a bit of tart with your sweet? This unique variation of the s’more with its tart lemon licing may be the one for you.

3. Orange Marmalade and Marshmallow on Graham Crackers

orange smoreFollowing the citrus theme, this orange-flavored s’more is a slightly less decadent version of the traditional treat.

4. Kit-Kats and Marshmallow

kit-kat smoreWhat’s that? Normal s’mores aren’t decadent enough? Very well, give this sugar sandwich a try. Two roasted marshmallows stuffed between two big Kit-Kat bars.

5. Reese’s Cup and Marshmallow on Graham Crackers

Reese's Cup S'moreA FireplaceMall.com favorite. Chocolate sweetness and peanut butter, held together with roasted marshmallow and graham crackers. What’s not to love?

6. Mounds Bar and Marshmallow on Graham Crackers

mounds bar smoreMounds has a loyal following of fans, and for those people, this may be the best s’more ever.

7. Pumpkin Pie Filling and Marshmallow on Graham Crackers

pumpkin smoreTime for a new autumn tradition. Combine pumpkin pie and camp fires and what do you get? The pumpkin pie s’more of course!

8. Banana, Chocolate, and Marshmallow on Graham Crackers

banana and chocolate smoreAnother FireplaceMall.com favorite. Banana and chocolate is always a good combination. And this s’more has fruit, so it’s healthy! Sort of.

9. Tradition with a Twist

oatmeal cookie s'moreSame insides, new outside. Oatmeal cookies instead of graham crackers make a heartier, crunchier s’more. Don’t worry, it’s still just as fun and messy as the original.

10. Hershey’s Chocolate with Almonds and Marshmallow Topped with Caramel Sauce on Graham Crackers

caramel almond smoreNow we’re getting fancy. Chocolate and almonds, on roasted marshmallow drizzled with caramel? Delicious. And messy.

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