3 DIY Chimney Maintenance Tasks Save Money

DIY- Do it yourself

While professional chimney sweeps provide a valuable service, as a homeowner you can perform many of the same tasks as a chimney sweep and save significant amounts of money by doing so. Read on for three common chimney sweep services that you can do yourself.

DIY Chimney Maintenance Projects You Can Do

1. Install a chimney cap

installing chimney is very easy

Chimney sweeps commonly install chimney caps, but if you can get on your roof, you can install a chimney cap and save the expense of paying the sweep. Most caps fasten with just four screws, making installation extremely easy. And picking out the right cap for your chimney is just as easy with our Chimney Cap Easy Measure Guide. Our chimney caps are the same high quality caps chimney sweeps sell, but at much lower prices.

2. Inspect the exterior of your chimney for cracks

Over time masonry work will deteriorate and require periodic maintenance. Just like with chimney caps, if you can get on your roof, you can do this work yourself and save money.

Inspect the exterior brickwork and mortar joints for cracks and other damage. You’ll want to fix those cracks before they expand and go from a minor fix to a major problem. Mortar cracks up to 1/8” wide can be easily repaired with CrackMagik. CrackMagik keeps water out of cracks, preventing them from expanding, but allows internal moisture in the brickwork to escape.

3. Look for and repair chimney crown damage

A chimney sweep will also inspect the crown of your chimney for damage. Much like with cracks in mortar joints, cracks should be repaired to prevent any further damage.

FireplaceMall sells the same repair products many chimney sweeps use, and they are easy to apply, so you can save the cost of hiring a sweep by doing the work yourself. Use CrownCoat for small cracks and CrownSeal for larger cracks and even missing pieces of crown.

Professional chimney sweeps provide an important service by removing creosote from the lining of your chimney and inspecting the structure of the flue for damage. However, you can save significant amounts of money by doing much of the other work yourself.

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3 comments on “3 DIY Chimney Maintenance Tasks Save Money
  1. Raul says:

    We have a chimney with Brick damage due to a missing chimney cap and so our bricks and mortar will also have to be re-done. Does Fireplace Mall have any repair items like this??



    • Tom says:

      Hi Raul, thanks for your question.

      It depends on how damaged your chimney is. Our product CrownSeal (more info here) can be applied up to 1 inch thick, so it can fill sizeable cracks and pieces of missing crown. However, the crown and chimney must be structurally sound to use CrownSeal. That is, if you have loose bricks or your crown is crumbling, you’ll need a mason to perform more extensive repairs.

      After repairing your chimney and installing a chimney cap, consider waterproofing the chimney with ChimneySaver Water Repellent (click here for more info). It will repel rain, snow, etc, but also allows moisture inside the chimney to escape. Combined with a chimney cap, it will significantly lengthen the life of your masonry work.

  2. Today “crown damage” is common problem in uk if i am not wrong… Tips of it will sure help me a lot. Thanks 🙂

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