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How to Get More Heat, Enjoyment and Fun from a Fireplace

As the weather cools, fireplace use increases. 
 These tips from will help you increase the fun and heat you get from your fireplace while reducing your uncertainties and hassles.
  • Will Fireplace Ashes Melt Ice?

    Will fireplace ashes melt ice or just improve traction on ice? Are there advantages or disadvantages to using ashes instead of rock salt or other chemicals on snow and ice? What are the pros and cons of other de-icers compared with using fireplace ashes on icy surfaces? Will

  • New Year Fireplace Banners

    Proclaim “Happy New Year” with banners or garlands or pennants hung from your fireplace mantel. Your options for messages on New Year fireplace banners range from the new year’s numerals to “Happy New Year” and more novel expressions such as “Cheers!” New Year Fireplace Banners with Year’s Numerals