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Getting Your Fireplace and Chimney Ready for Autumn

As the little ones start a new school year, it's time for a new fireplace year as well.
 These tips from will help you be sure you, your fireplace and your chimney are all ready for a new fireplace season.
  • Halloween Rats Mantel

    Halloween is the time when we welcome those eerie bumps-in-the-night frights. In fact, we go out of our way to dress down our home to make it look scary. Here’s a fresh idea on bringing a little fun Halloween decorating into your home: Download and

  • Hurricane Fireplace Tips

    When a hurricane is headed your way, here are three hurricane fireplace, damper and chimney tips for the safety of your home and family: Hurricane Fireplace Tip #1: Shut the fireplace damper. Hurricanes bring not only high wind but also astonishing amounts of rain. As