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Protect Your Fireplace and Chimney from Birds, Bees, Squirrels and More

Chimneys make appealing nesting spots for animals.
 Check out these popular tips from for how to keep animals out of your chimney
or how to get them out if they have already made themselves at home in your fireplace or chimney:
  • How Much Firewood per Tree

    Old timers had rules of thumb, that is, experienced-based guides, about how many cords of firewood a tree would yield. One of those is that a tree that is 18 inches in diameter at the base and four times the height of a man will

  • Prevent Chimney Leaks

    5 Ways to Prevent Chimney Leaks A leaking pipe, a leaking roof, a leaking window, a leaking chimney – none of them is good. Here are 5 ways make your chimney leak-proof and prevent chimney leaks. See  how to fix chimney leaks and prevent them  in, through and around