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Make the Most of Your Fireplace Fires

All you need to know to start a fireplace fire, keep it burning safely, and get the most heat from it.
Check out these popular posts from about firewood, building a fireplace fire, and using your fireplace:
  • 2016FireChiefSuperBowl

    Super Bowl Challenge

    The Fire Chiefs of Charlotte and Denver have agreed to a Super Bowl Challenge that has the potential to save lives. The outcome of Fire Chief Super Bowl 50 will determine which city’s Fire Chief will receive 200 smoke and carbon monoxideMore »
  • Outside chimney cap measure guide - how to measure for an outside mount chimney cap

    Outside Chimney Cap Measure

    Outside Mount or Outside Chimney Cap Measure Guide: What to Measure to Get the Right Fit - Outside mount chimney caps fit over the entire chimney, like the lid on a shoe box. The Vertical Skirt on Outside Mount chimney