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Protect Your Chimney and Fireplace from Birds, Bees, and Critters

Chimneys make appealing nesting spots for animals.
Check out these popular posts for how to keep animals out of your chimney or how to get them out if they have already made themselves at home in your fireplace or chimney:
  • Best Fire Pit Use Tips

    The two main reasons people don’t use their fire pits more often are inconvenience and mosquitoes. These best fire pit use tips put an end to fire pit hassles, inconveniences and bugs. Fire Pit Use Tip #1: Make lighting the fire pit easy! Fatwood speeds up

  • Super Bowl Challenge

    The Fire Chiefs of Charlotte and Denver have agreed to a Super Bowl Challenge that has the potential to save lives. The outcome of Fire Chief Super Bowl 50 will determine which city’s Fire Chief will receive 200 smoke and carbon monoxide alarms for installation in needy