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Protect Your Fireplace and Chimney from 
Birds, Bees, Animals and Rain 

Chimneys make appealing nesting spots for animals.
Check out these popular posts from for how to protect your chimney from rain and how to keep animals out of your chimney or how to get them out if they have already made themselves at home in your fireplace or chimney:

  • What to Burn for Mosquito Free Fire

    Mosquitos are the bane of everyone who wants to relax by a fire pit or fire bowl or campfire. A careful selection of  specific eco-friendly firestarters, logs and other fire fuels can safely repel those flying pests.  Here is a

  • Arbor Day

    We celebrate Arbor Day in the United States on the last Friday of April. The holiday celebrates the joys of trees. Trees provide both people and animals with services as well as goods. Planting trees on Arbor day is a