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Fire Pit and Fireplace Safety Tips

Both fire pits and fireplaces are designed to provide safe ways to enjoy a live fire.
 Just follow these safety tips from when using your fire pit, fire bowl, or fireplace to keep everyone and everything safe.
  • Crystal Glass Fireplace Logs

    Crystal glass fireplace logs are a great alternative to real firewood when you don’t use your fireplace during the warmer seasons or all year around if you don’t use the fireplace at all. These dramatic glass or crystal logs work equally well in a classic, traditional room

  • When to Close Fireplace Damper

    Your fireplace damper must be open when you have a fire in your fireplace. It provides the necessary updraft for the smoke and prevents carbon monoxide poisoning. But when should you shut or close the wood-burning fireplace damper? Not sure how to open or close fireplace damper?