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Protect Your Chimney and Fireplace from Birds, Bees, and Critters

Chimneys make appealing nesting spots for animals.
Check out these popular posts for how to keep animals out of your chimney or how to get them out if they have already made themselves at home in your fireplace or chimney:
  • Summer Fireplace Myths

    Which of these summer fireplace myths do you believe? Learn the facts that might surprise you about fireplaces in summertime. Summer Fireplace Myth #1: Since you won’t be burning a fire in hot weather, your fireplace will have to suffer from Black Hole Syndrome. A fireplace candelabra

  • Elevator for Bird Stuck in Chimney

    Some people find a bird stuck in their chimney or fireplace and panic. Others search for a solution such as the ones we offer for removing a bird stuck in chimney or sitting in a fireplace. The most creative come up with their own unique solution