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Prepare Your Fireplace and Mantel for Fall 

As autumn weather and holidays approach, are your fireplace and mantel ready?
These tips from will help you be sure they are all prepared for a new season.

These simple, low- or no-cost way to reduce your energy bills over the winter require no special skills.

Dramatic but super-easy ways to decorate a mantel for autumn.

10 things you need to know before you light your first fire of the season.

Download free skin-crawling critters for quick Halloween decorating! Mice and rats for a spooky accent to your room's focal point.

Tips to determine how much firewood you will need for for fall and winter.

Crank up your ghoulish Halloween spirit with human-like or demon-like fire logs that look like skulls!

What you need to know about operating your chimney damper.

  • Halloween Skeleton Fireplace

    Make no bones about it, skeletons are the backbone of Halloween decorating. A Halloween skeleton fireplace with simulated human, dog and cat, bat and rat, bird and reptile, or even dragon and unicorn skeletons can send tingles up  your spine.

  • Firewood Poems

    Traditionally, knowledge based on teachings and experiences about selecting and burning firewood was passed along verbally. Often such information was put into a rhyming format to make it easier to remember. Thus were born firewood poems and firewood songs to