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Protect Your Chimney and Fireplace from Birds, Bees, and Critters

Chimneys make appealing nesting spots for animals. 
Check out these popular posts for how to keep animals out of your chimney
or how to get them out if they have already made themselves at home in your fireplace or chimney :
  • Beach Inspired Fireplace Mantels

    Beach Inspired Fireplace

    How to Bring the Seashore to Your Fireplace Mantel to Create a Beach Inspired Fireplace Are you lucky enough to have a beach house with a fireplace? Or do you wish to bring mementos of your coastal holiday to your fireplace
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  • Use Fireplace Candelabra as Table Candelabra

    Fireplace Candelabra as Table Candelabra

    Fireplace candelabra are known for their versatility. They can be used inside the firebox in lieu of a wood or gas fire, on the fireplace mantel, or on the hearth. They can be used outdoors. But they can also be