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Getting Your Fireplace and Chimney Ready for Autumn

As the little ones start a new school year, it's time for a new fireplace year as well.
 These tips from will help you be sure you, your fireplace and your chimney are all ready for a new fireplace season.
  • Fall Mantel Decorating Elements

    Here are tips on how how to make fall mantel decorating quick and easy by combining one, some or all of these readily available autumn elements. On your next trip to the supermarket, farmers’ market, or to an open space with oak trees, you can quickly gather the

  • Inexpensive Fireplace Wall Decor

    While there are countless ways to decorate the wall above the fireplace, inexpensive fireplace wall decorating ideas can be difficult to find. To keep your fireplace focal point worthy, here are ways to decorate above your fireplace that won’t break the bank, but will look