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Human Skull Fire Logs

fireproof imitation human skull fire logs

Can you envision human skull fire logs that appear to be actual human skulls amid flames in your fire pit or fireplace? Only at Halloween or year around? Do you have a friend who would be thrilled to be gifted

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Gas Fireplace Will Not Ignite – Why

Gas Fireplace Will Not Ignite; Why?

Gas fireplaces need two things to work: fuel and a means of igniting the fuel. Let’s troubleshoot these two critical elements if your gas fireplace will not ignite. Check Fuel Supply If Gas Fireplace Will Not Ignite If your gas

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DIY Gas Fireplace Safety Tests

gas fireplace safety tests homeowners can do

Do-It-Yourself Gas Fireplace Safety Tests Before you turn on your gas fireplace for the first fire of the season, have it serviced by a certified chimney sweep or other gas product professional certified to work with gas fireplaces.  You will

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