Super Bowl Challenge

The Fire Chiefs of Charlotte and Denver have agreed to a Super Bowl Challenge that has the potential to save lives.

The outcome of Fire Chief Super Bowl 50 will determine which city’s Fire Chief will receive 200 smoke and carbon monoxide alarms for installation in needy homes in his city. But like the Super Bowl where even the losers get Super Bowl rings, the losing team’s city’s Fire Chief will receive 50 of the alarms to donate in his city.

But the Fire Chief Super Bowl Challenge doesn’t end with smoke and carbon monoxide alarms: The losing city’s Fire Chief is required to install those 50 alarms while wearing the winning team’s jersey!

Super Bowl Challenge Fire Chief

Eric Tade,
Denver Fire Chief

Super Bowl challenge Fire Chief

Jon B. Hannon
Charlotte Fire Chiel

Both Eric Tade, the Denver Fire Chief, and Jon B. Hannon, Charlotte’s Fire Chief, understand that this friendly Fire Chief Super Bowl Challenge is a winner regardless of which team wins. Having a working smoke alarm in a home increases the occupants’ chances of survival by 50 per cent!

According to The Charlotte Observer, Charlotte Fire Chief Jon Hannan said he was “confident our Carolina Panthers will bring home the trophy, and Chief (Eric) Tade will look great wearing our blue and black.”

The combination smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarms involved in the Super Bowl Challenge are Kidde Worry-Free 10-year sealed battery smoke-carbon monoxide alarms.

 combination smoke-carbon monoxide alarm for the Fire Chief Super Bowl Challenge


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