Oval Flue Chimney Cap Measure

Ho to Measure for an Oval Chimney Cap to Fit an Oval Flue

How to Measure for an Oval Flue Chimney Cap:
Oval Flue Chimney Cap Measure Guide

Virtually all oval flues are on buildings and outdoor fireplaces in California, Oregon and other Western, wild-fire prone areas. Thus, chimney caps for oval flues always come with smaller than customary spaces between the screen mesh wires. These smaller mesh, California spark arrestor style chimney caps are required to have screen openings no larger than 5/8 of an inch on each side. By contrast, most chimney caps have 3/4 inch screen screen openings.

Unless they are custom made from a template of a specific oval flue, oval flue chimney caps’ exteriors are rectangular in shape, as they are also made to fit rectangular flues with rounded corners. When you look inside these chimney caps, however, you will see the corner-tabs or interior ledges that accommodate oval flues. See the photo below.

The interior of each oval flue chimney cap has corner tabs to accommodate oval flues.

The interior of each oval flue chimney cap has corner tabs to accommodate oval flues.

Stainless steel chimney caps all carry a Lifetime Warranty, so they are a good choice. If your chimney cap is for an oval flue in a saltwater environment, we strongly recommend a stainless steel chimney cap instead of a galvanized steel one.

What to Measure for an Oval Flue Chimney Cap

If you have an oval flue, measure the outside length and width of your flue.

Gelco chimney cap with small mesh Gelco Stainless Steel Chimney Caps
for Oval Flues
 Forever Cap with small mesh  Forever Cap Multi-Flue Stainless
Steel Chimney Cap
for Oval Flues
 HomeSaver Pro Black Galvanized Chimney Cap for Single Oval Flue  HomeSaver Pro Black Galvanized
Chimney Caps 
for Single Oval Flues
 Adjustable Chimney Cap for Oval, Square or Rectangular Flues  Adjustable Chimney Cap
for Square, Rectangular,
or Oval Flue


Select an oval flue chimney cap like any of the ones above. Within the screened area, they all have corner tabs or interior edges. Those interior modifications make it possible for them to sit on an oval-shaped flue.



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