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No Chimney for Santa

No Chimney for Santa?

If your home does not have a chimney, how will Santa Claus make deliveries? We offer three solutions to the No Chimney for Santa problem. 3 Solutions to the No Chimney for Santa Clause Predicament Watch this David Jones Christmas

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Avoid Chimney Cap Mistakes

Avoid Chimney Cap Mistakes

Installing a chimney cap to keep rain and animals out of your chimney is an easy, do-it-yourself kind of job.  In most cases, you need only ordinary household tools like a battery-powered drill and a screwdriver.  While it’s not rocket

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Batman vs Superman Chimney

Phony Chimney for Batman vs Superman movie

Filming is going on right now in Detroit for the upcoming blockbuster movie, Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice. But before filming started, a phony, exploding chimney was created with the magic of Hollywood. Henry Cavill returns as Superman and

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