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Halloween Fireplace Decorating

Halloween fireplace decorating

Halloween fireplace decorating becomes more popular each year. Americans spend 6.9 billion dollars on Halloween in 2015 . Folks are celebrating the holiday with more than costumes and candy; they are investing in Halloween-themed home decorations, including Halloween fireplace decorating. But not all

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What Size Fireback Do I Need?

How to measure your fireplace for a fireback

There are three factors to consider and two measurements to take when pondering what size fireback would be properly sized for your fireplace: • Improving the heat efficiency of your fireplace • Aesthetics • Safety You can select a fireback

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Fire Prevention Week History

What’s the real history of National Fire Prevention Week? What event does National Fire Prevention Week commemorate? See if you know; what’s your guess about National Fire Prevention Week history? a) The week during which the original Smokey the Bear’s

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