Hurricane Homesteading: Cook in Fireplace

Millions are without power due to Hurricane Sandy’s wrath, and likely will be for some time. Our thoughts are with those suffering through the floods, fires, and winds.

For those safe and dry in their homes but without power, consider cooking a meal in your fireplace. You’re bound to tire of ramen noodles and canned soup. How does slow-roasted leg of lamb sound? Or herb-marinated chicken? In fact, you don’t even need to be without electricity to try this clever bit of tasty homesteading!

With just a hot fire, a bit of string, and a pan you can have a fire-roasted feast. The meat is hung with string just in front of the fireplace, allowing it to slowly cook. By hanging it with string, the meat will turn by itself, creating a rotisserie effect. This is a great way to save frozen meat you’re worried about losing due to the lack of power. And your friends and family will be duly impressed with your industriousness.

Here’s how to cook in a fireplace from The Firepit and Grilling Guru:

Some tips from the guru:

  • Build a hot fire with a lot of embers. Make sure there is a large bed of hot embers in the fire before starting to cook.
  • Don’t go big. Remember, you’re hanging the meat with string, not an anchor chain. Smaller roasts will take less time to cook as well.
  • Keep the string wet. This keeps the string from drying out and breaking.
  • Marinate before and baste during. Marinating will infuse your roast with flavor and keep the meat from drying out as it cooks. Basting throughout the cooking process will also help, as well as form that golden crust of flavor on the outside.

Stay safe out there.


Tom has been writing for the blog since 2011 and has loved sitting in front of the fireplace since he was an itty-bitty boy.

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