Hope For Architecture

“To build a timeless, durable, multi-century home at a price that everyday Americans can afford.”

That’s the mission statement for the folks at Hope For Architecture. They’re currently building a 3,000 square foot brick house to fulfill that goal. The designers and builders are focusing on affordable permanence, that is, a house that will last multiple lifetimes and yet can be built for a price within reach of the typical American family.

The project is in response to modern home-building practices that rely too much on foreign-produced materials and products that sacrifice quality and durability. By building the structure out of locally-sourced bricks with local craftsmen, the Hope For Architecture team is able to keep costs low yet have a structure significantly more solid than typical modern homes. The thick brick walls also have a high thermal mass, which will help the home stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Visit the Hope For Architecture blog and look through their construction photos. The level of craftsmanship is obvious. The arched fireplace with curved back is especially impressive.

Brick-built home to last centuries

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  1. Gasshoppe says:

    Is this completed now, please post pics

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