Top 3 Pleasures of an Outdoor Fireplace

Pleasures of Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit

Curling up inside by a roaring fire on a winter day is a great pleasure, but the pleasures of an outdoor fire can last all year with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Here are the top 3 pleasures of an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

1. S’mores

Cooking s'mores on a fireThe campfire classic is as delicious in the backyard as it is in the woods. The kids will love toasting the marshmallows, and everyone will love eating them.

2. Roasted hot dogs

Think hot dogs at the ball park are good? Wait until you cook one over a wood fire. Whether you use skewers or a fire pit cooking grill, the crisp, flame-licked outside and juicy inside will make all others pale in comparison.

3. Friends and family

Relaxing around the fireWithout a doubt, the best thing about an outdoor fireplace or fire pit is how it draws in family and friends. Folks will crowd around the fire, swapping stories and jokes. Nothing can bring people together like the pleasures of an outdoor fireplace on a cool night.

What are your own favorite pleasures of an outdoor fireplace?


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