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Christmas Tree Fire Retardants

Fire Retardants for Christmas Tree and Fireplace Mantel Greenery

Nothing can completely prevent a Christmas tree or fireplace greenery from burning. But you can reduce the flammability of your Christmas trees and mantel greenery with these homemade or purchased fire retardants. Fire retardants prevent fires from starting and spreading, reduce or eliminate harmful smoke, and minimize

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Cardboard Fireplace

Christmas cardboard fireplace or decal fireplace

If you don’t have a fireplace, but want one just for Christmas stockings, a removable vinyl wall fireplace decal or a cardboard fireplace can be a great substitute. Although not providing the heat of a real fireplace, such imitation fireplaces add the holiday spirit and

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Hide Fireplace TV for Christmas

Hide fireplace TV for Christmas or incorporate existing mirrors or art work.

What to do with the television above the fireplace, or other existing wall decorations, when you decorate for Christmas. You’ve put a good deal of thought into the selection and placement of your wide-screen TV, mirror or other artwork over the fireplace mantel. As Christmas approaches,

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Santa Claus Favorite Fireplace

What are the Santa Clause Favorite Fireplaces?

QUESTION: What fireplaces does Santa Claus like best? ANSWER: The Santa Claus favorite fireplaces are the ones without ashes and soot. Imagine how difficult it is to clean Santa’s suit after he has slid down countless sooty chimneys and landed in an untold number of ash-filled

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