crazy redneck fire pits

Crazy Redneck Fire Pits: An Infographic

If you think the “think green” movement is a recent phenomenon in our society — think again. Please meet the American Redneck. For decades rednecks have practiced “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” only their version is “Recoup, Rig, Repurpose.” Nothing illustrates redneck recycling better than redneck fire pits.

Since most rednecks love nothing more than sitting outside after a long day relaxing with a beer next to the fire, fire pits are the perfect redneck yard accessory. And the redneck fire pits are as interesting as the rednecks themselves. You know you’re a redneck when your backyard barbecue is made from an abandoned shopping cart, an old tractor tire rim, barrel, or washing machine tub! Even Jeff Foxworthy would be proud to own any of the fire pits we have here.

Check out these 10 creative and crazy redneck fire pits.

crazy redneck fire pits

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