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How to Wall Mount a Fireback

Georgian Shell Fireback by Pennsylvania Firebacks

Traditionally used in the back of fireplaces to radiate heat out into the room, cast iron firebacks are increasingly popular as wall decorations.   While used both indoors and out, kitchens, especially over the range, are a probably the most popular

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What Size Fireback Do I Need?

How to measure your fireplace for a fireback

There are three factors to consider and two measurements to take when pondering what size fireback would be properly sized for your fireplace: • Improving the heat efficiency of your fireplace • Aesthetics • Safety You can select a fireback

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How to Choose a Fireback: Steel or Iron?

Stainless Steel Reflective Fireback

What is a Fireback? A fireplace fireback back is a simple and historic innovation that dramatically increases the amount of heat your fireplace emits into your home. The back wall of a fireplace absorbs and retains a great deal of

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Get More Fireplace Heat with a Fireback

Stainless Steel Reflective Fireback

What’s a fireplace fireback? And can you really get more heat from fireplace firebacks? Firebacks reflect heat from your fire back into your home, making your fireplace more efficient. Technology evolves over generations, but some simple innovations from the past

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