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Christmas Tree Fire Retardants

Fire Retardants for Christmas Tree and Fireplace Mantel Greenery

Nothing can completely prevent a Christmas tree or fireplace greenery from burning. But you can reduce the flammability of your Christmas trees and mantel greenery with these homemade or purchased fire retardants. Fire retardants prevent fires from starting and spreading,

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Wine Cork Fire Starters

Wine Cork Fire Starters - How to make cork fire starters.

For many, a blazing fireplace and a glass of wine are a companionable duo.  But first, that bottle of wine needs to be opened and that fire needs to be started. Perhaps it speaks to the appropriateness of their pairing that the corks from

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Fatwood – Fireplace Fire Starter

Use fatwood to start your upside down fire.

Rid your hearth of that pile of newspapers, that unsightly stack of kindling sticks, and the toxins produced by chemical fire starters. Plus, become a fireplace fire-starting wizard! Let nature’s perfect kindling, fatwood, start your fireplace, wood burning stove, coal or

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Fire Prevention Week History

What’s the real history of National Fire Prevention Week? What event does National Fire Prevention Week commemorate? See if you know; what’s your guess about National Fire Prevention Week history? a) The week during which the original Smokey the Bear’s

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