Silver Fireplace Accessories

silver fireplace accessories

Are Chrome or Silver Fireplace Accessories Right for Your Hearth?

The Bling of Silver Fireplace Accessories –

Traditionally wrought from black iron or cast of brass, fireplace accessories were limited to these time-honored metals. But the twenty-first century has welcomed fireplace accessories with more sparkle, bling and dazzle! Shiny, silver fireplace accessories with chrome, brushed steel, satin nickel, stainless steel or pewter finishes are now available to decorators and shoppers seeking modern, reflective fireplace screens and fireplace tools.

Are these shiny, chrome or silver fireplace accessories right for your home? Here are some decorating concepts to consider:

Silver Fireplace Accessories

•     Look at the other metals in your room. Are your lamps, picture frames, candle sticks, and other metal accessories silver, steel, chrome, or pewter? Do you have furniture with chrome or stainless steel accents? If so, shiny silver fireplace accessories will be perfect for your room.

Pewter Fireplace Screen•     Are you aiming for a sleek, uncluttered,contemporary look? Rooms emphasizing a modern style usually use steel, chrome, or pewter accents instead of brass, copper, or wrought iron, so the silver-toned fireplace screens, fireplace tools, fireplace candelabra, and fireplace log holders would compliment these rooms.

Stainless Steel Single Panel Fireplace Screen

•     Do you have a formal, traditional room? Are your sil!ver tea set or other silver pieces prominently displayed? Traditionally styled fireplace accessories in brushed silver or nickel will add a luxuriant, dramatic flair and enhance such rooms.

Silver Fleur Dr Lis Fireplace Screen

•     Does your room need some sparkle? If your room has no reflective surfaces (such as mirrors, shiny glass, or silver or brass accessories), silver fireplace accessories can brighten it up and provide just the light-reflecting property you need.

Silver Star Fireplace Screen

Sometimes a traditional look is best, but for other rooms, shiny chrome, steel, nickel, pewter, or silver fireplace accessories can be just the updated touch you need.


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