Do I Need a Chimney Sweep? Can I DIY?

Do you really need a chimney sweep? Your wallet versus a chimney sweep.
  • Do I really need a chimney sweep or can I DIY?

  • Aren’t there fireplace and chimney tasks I can do myself, without special training?

  • And how much money will I save if I do the chimney maintenance and repair work a chimney sweep would charge me to do?

  • If I maintain my fireplace and chimney myself, what products would I need, and how much would they cost?

  • After paying for the chimney repair materials, would there still be a significant savings?

If you are handy around the house, used to doing home maintenance tasks yourself instead of paying someone else to do them, and comfortable working on the roof, you have probably asked yourself at least some of the questions above.

The infographic below answers these questions.  See a comparison of how much chimney sweeps typically charge for chimney maintenance and repair tasks and how much you would save by doing the work yourself.  (Chimney sweep prices vary by locality, but the infographic has averages.)  Get the picture on when you really need a chimney sweep and when can you do it yourself.  And identify the products you will need if you decide to do the work yourself.  Professional grade chimney caps, dampers, and chimney repair products, the same ones certified chimney sweeps use, can be purchased from

This Your Wallet vs Chimney Sweep Infographic also lists the annual inspection and maintenance tasks homeowners should consider for their fireplaces and chimneys.

If you should decide to have a chimney sweep do some of the maintenance tasks, be aware that folklore has it that chimney sweeps can do more than clean and repair your chimney: they can also bring your home good luck!  Learn when it’s not only good luck but also prudent to hire a chimney sweep and when it’s good luck for your wallet to DIY.

Your Wallet vs. Chimney Sweep – DIY or Pay?


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  1. Sandy says:

    We have always burned well seasoned Eucalyptus in our fireplace, but for the past two years I have been hearing this is not good . Could you enlighten me on this subject?

    Thank You,

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