"Protect Your Family From Fire" Says Obama

Protect your family from fire

President Obama has declared this week National Fire Prevention Week. Read President Obama’s proclamation here.

This year’s theme for National Fire Prevention Week is “Protect Your Family from Fire.” There are simple steps families can take to help avoid tragedies. Install smoke alarms on each level of your house and in each bedroom and change their batteries every year. We like to replace ours on the day we roll our clocks back in the fall so we know our smoke alarms are in working order for winter, when most home fires occur.

Families should have an escape plan in case of fire. Agree on escape routes from the house and designate an outside meeting place. Just as kids have fire drills at school, have fire drills at home on a regular basis. The more you and your family practice, the better off you’ll be in the case of an emergency.

In addition to smoke alarms, your home should also have alarms for carbon monoxide, a deadly, invisible gas with no odor. These combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are a great way to protect your family from both dangers.


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