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Custom Fire Pit Grates

Heavy Duty, Built-to-Order Round Grate

Custom Grates for Firepits or Fireplaces: Spider Custom Round Grate in Any Size! Heavy Duty!

How big would you like your round custom fire pit grate ?  Our expert American blacksmiths will gladly craft any diameter 12 inches or larger and any leg height round custom fire pit grate you need! 

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The Custom Round Fire Pit Grate has bars radiating from the center of the grate and concentric circles of connecting bars between those radiating bars.  The number of radiating bars and number of concentric circles of connecting bars varies with the size of the custom round grate.  The larger the fire pit grate, the more radiating bars and more concentric circles of connecting bars the grate will have.  Also, larger round grates are designed with more legs, so there will always be adequate bars and legs to support the weight of your fireplace or firepit firewood.

The Custom Fire Pit Grates are available in heavy duty or light duty grades.  The Heavy Dyty ones are made of exceptionally durable 1 inch by 1/2 inch steel. Light duty custom round grates are constructed with  1/2 inch by 1/2 inch steel.  Both grades of steel are covered in a heat-resistant black coating to withstand high temperatures.  These quality custom  grates have a One Year Warranty on materials and workmanship against burn through.

All Custom Round Grates are Made in America.

What DIAMETER, from widest point to widest point, do you want your Heavy Duty Dustom Spider Round Grate?  Also, what CLEARANCE, that is, leg height, do you want for your custom grate?

To measure
for your Custom Round Fire Pit Grate, simply provide us with the desired diameter (from widest point to widest point across the middle of the circle) for your Custom Round Grate.  Also, decide how much clearance you want under the grate, that is, the height of the grate's legs.


Your Custom Round Fire Pit Grate will arrive 3 to 4 weeks after you place your order.

Need assistance deciding what size to use for your custom grate?  Our friendly Customer Service specialists will be glad to answer your custom grate questions!  Call us at



About Custom Fire Pit Grates

It's very likely that your fire pit will need a grate of a size that is not readily available because the selection of off-the-shelf grates for fire pits is limited.  Fortunately, custom sized fire pit grates are available at

Why you need a grate for your fire pit: 

A properly sized grate of the correct height makes your fire pit more enjoyable.  A grate makes it easier to light your fire from the bottom, without unpleasant-smelling chemical accelerants.  A fire pit grate enhances the upward flow of air (the draft) by allowing cool air to enter the bottom of your fire pit and rise through the fire.    

How to measure for your custom fire pit grate. 

  • Start by measuring the diameter and depth of your fire pit.  The maximum diameter of your grate should be about 4" smaller than the diameter of your fire pit.  As a minimum, you can choose a size that is a just little bit larger than the fires you intend to build.
  • Your custom fire pit grate can have legs of any length you choose. 
    • If you want the flames to be above the top of your fire pit, select a leg height that places the bed of the grate near the top of the fire pit.
    • If you want the flames to be down inside the pit, so you can comfortably converse across the fire pit with your guests, select a leg height that places your grate about a foot below the opening of the fire pit.

Once you have your grate, you can fine tune the height by adding or subtracting gravel in the bottom of the fire pit.

Your grate can be made of relatively light steel bar stock that measures 1/2" by 1/2" or heavy duty steel bar stock that is 1/2" by 1".  The heavier duty custom fire pit grates cost more, but last longer.




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Check Us Out On Facebook Follow Us on Twitter Find expert advice, decorating ideas, and fireplace tips on our blog.

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