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Fireplace accessories, chimney caps, fireplace candelabra, fireplace screens and tools, and everything for your fireplace and chimney.

Chimney Caps: Expert Chimney Cap Answers!

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Chimney Caps

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Custom Chimney Caps

Simplify measuring for your chimney cap with the Chimney Cap EASY MEASURE Guide.

Chimney caps for round flues, including round clay and masonry flues, stove pipes, double-walled and triple-walled air-insulated flues, solid packed flues, for round flues with draft problems, and for flexible relining systems. FREE Shipping!
Chimney caps for square and rectangular single chimney flues. FREE Shipping!
Over 1100 chimney caps for multi-flue chimneys. FREE Shipping!

Chimney Caps
for all types of
Round Flues

Chimney Caps that
Attach to the Flue for Single
Square or Rectangular

Chimney Caps for
Multiple or Single Flues that
Attach to the Chimney Crown

Chimney Caps for California and other wildfire prone areas with small, 5/8 inch mesh, spark arrestor mesh, and chimney caps for oval flues. FREE Shipping!
Chimney Caps: Outside Mount Chimney Cap and Band-Around Chimney Cap; Chimney Caps that Attach to the Sides of the Chimney
ENERVEX Exhausto Fans

California Small 5/8" Spark Arrestor Mesh Chimney Caps or
Chimney Caps for Oval Flues

Outside Mount Chimney Caps
Band-Around Chimney Caps

ENERVEX Exhausto Fans
for Square, Rectangular
Round Flues

Lyemance Dampers with Chimney Caps. FREE Shipping!

Chimney Pots: European Copper Chimney Pots. FREE Shipping!Chimney Pots:  Copper Chimney Pots and Stainless Steel Chimney Pots. FREE Shipping!Chimney Pots by Whitecaps: Octagon Chimney Pots, Square Chimney Pots, and Cone Chimney Pot. FREE Shipping!

Chimney Cap and Damper

Chimney Pots:  Chimney Pots for Round Flues and
Chimney Pots for Square, Rectangular, or Oval Flues

Tapcon Kit: Tapcon Masonry Drill Bit and 12 Tapcon Masonry Screw Fasteners. FREE Shipping!Chimney Cap Adhesive, Chimney Cap Sealant. FREE Shipping!

Chimney Cap Adhesive or Tapcon Screw and Bit Kit


Many Chimney Caps and ALL Chimney Pots Can Be Shipped to Canada.
Many Chimney Caps and All Chimney Pots Can be Shipped to Canada.  Call 888-834-7375 to Place a Canadian Order.

888-834-7375 to Place a Canadian Order.


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All our Chimney Caps and Chimney Pots Are
All Our Chimney Caps and Chimney Pots AreAmerican Made




The Top 10 Things You Need to Know
to Get the Right Chimney Cap

  1. You are going to need to get on your roof twice:  Once to measure for your chimney cap and once to install it.  Sorry; there's no way around it!
  2. If you have one square or rectangular flue, you can use either a cap that attaches to the flue itself (a Single Flue Chimney Cap) or one that attaches to the cement crown of the chimney (a Top Mount Chimney Cap).
  3. If you have two or more square or rectangular flues on the same chimney, you can attach a chimney cap to each flue.  An often less expensive and tidier solution is to use a Top Mount Chimney Cap that fits over both flues.
  4. If you have a round flue with one or two concentric pipes within it, you must select a chimney cap for Air Cooled flues.  Their special design insures that the air continues to circulate properly to avoid overheating.
  5. If you want to cover the entire cement crown with a chimney cap, you have two choices:  One is to use a Top Mount Chimney Cap.  The other is to use a cap that fits over the entire chimney like a lid of a shoe box and attaches to the brick sides of the chimney, an Outside Mount Chimney Cap.  Band-around chimney caps are typically less expensive than other Outside Mount Chimney Caps.
  6. Unless you are using a chimney cap that attaches to the flue itself, you need one with a screen at least 5 inches taller that the tallest flue.  That makes sure your fireplace will draft properly and safely.
  7. If you have a fireplace that blows smoke into your room on windy days, you will want a chimney cap designed to prevent back-puffing such as a VacuStack.  If your fireplace smokes even on calm days, an Enervex chimney fan is guaranteed to end all smokiness, regardless of the cause.
  8. Galvanized chimney caps only last 3 to 7 years before rusting out.  Stainless steel and copper ones have Lifetime Warranties.
  9. Many stainless steel chimney toppers are available with an exterior grade baked-on powdercoat finish in black, brown, or other paint colors.
  10. You do not need to settle for a merely functional, industrial-looking chimney topper.  You can select one that complements or enhances your home such pitched roof styles, lattice style, or chimney pots.

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Chimney Cap

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