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Copper Chimney Caps, Copper Chimney Pots

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Copper Chimney Caps

Copper Chimney Pots

Copper Chimney Caps: Copper Clamp Chimney Caps for Metal or Clay Lines, Flues
Round Copper Top Chimney Cap
Designer Copper Lattice Chimney Caps

FREE Shipping!
Round Chimney Caps
for Metal or Clay Liners or Flues


FREE Shipping!
Chim Cap Copper Top
Chimney Caps for Stove Pipes,
Liner Systems, or
Masonry Round Flues


FREE Shipping!
Designer Lattice Chimney Caps
in Copper,
Copper Lattice Chimney Caps or
Antiqued Copper Verdigris
Antiqued Copper Verdigris Lattice Chimney Caps
for Single or Multiple Flues


Gelco Copper Chimney Caps for Single Flues
Clamp Cap Designer Hip Top Lid  in Copper
Chim Cap Forever Cap in Copper

FREE Shipping!
SALE! Gelco
Single-Flue Chimney Caps


FREE Shipping!
Designer Hip or Hip and Ridge
Copper Chimney Caps
Single-Flue Chimney Caps


FREE Shipping!
Chim Cap ForeverCap
 Single-Flue Chimney Caps


Clamp Fastening Copper Chimney Caps
Copper Flue Stretcher Chimney Caps
Top Mount Chimney Caps for Single or Multi Flues

FREE Shipping!
 Copper Clamp Fastening
Single-Flue Chimney Caps


FREE Shipping!
Copper Flue Stretcher
 Chimney Caps

FREE Shipping!
Whitecaps Copper Single or Multi-Flue
Chimney Cap, Regular Lids

Copper Chimney Caps with Large Lids: Big Overhang Protects from Wind-Blown Rain
Copper Designer Hip and Ridge Lid Outside Mount Chimney Cap;s
Chimney Caps: Copper Flat Lid Outside Mount Chimney Cap; Custom Copper Outside Mount Chimney Cap.

FREE Shipping!
Whitecaps Copper Single or Multi-Flue
 Top-Mount Chimney Caps
Large Overhang Lids


Custom Copper
Designer Hip and Ridge Lid
 Oustide Mount Chimney Caps


Custom Copper
Flat Lid Custom
 Oustide Mount Chimney Caps


Chimney Caps by Whitecaps for Round FluesChimney Pots in Stainless Steel or Copper for Round Flues
Copper Chimney Pots

Copper Chimney Caps and Chimney Pots

Copper as a Chimney Cap Metal

Copper is an excellent metal for making chimney caps and chimney pots.  Because it is relatively soft, copper can be formed in a wide variety of shapes.  It is very durable and long-lasting.  In fact, all copper chimney caps have lifetime warrantees.  Copper has a rich glow that makes it the most attractive metal used in chimney products.

Most copper chimney products are made of natural copper that weighs 20 ounces to the square foot.  This thickness provides enough stiffness to keep the finished product in its original shape throughout its lifetime. 

Copper changes color over time.  It gradually darkens to a deep brown and then starts to develop a gray-green patina called verdigris.  After the verdigris patina is formed, the copper color changes very little.  Manufacturers of copper chimney pots can apply a chemical, acetic acid, that speeds the formation of the verdigris patina in cases where the customer prefers.  Homeowners who want to preserve the look of new copper caps can apply a product called ClearCoat periodically.

The verdigris patina is a compound of copper and acidic components of the atmosphere.  The top layer of the patina is a powder, so dark lines may form where rain carries particles of the patina downwards.  For this reason, we do not recommend using copper chimney caps on light colored chimneys.

About Chimney Caps of Copper

A chimney cap made with copper adds curb appeal to any home, and makes a distinctive home even more distinctive.  Think of it as a crown for your home.  These chimney caps come in several configurations and many sizes, ready for next-day shipping.  They can also be custom made to fit your chimney.

  • Copper single flue chimney caps attach to the flue tile that extends upwards from the top of your chimney.  Single flue chimney caps can have flat lids, hip lids with all four sides coming to a single point, hip and ridge lids with a tent-like shape.
  • Copper top mount chimney caps cover all the flue tiles and attach to the concrete chimney crown with Tapcon screws or construction adhesive.  Rectangular top mount chimney caps come with either flat lids or hip-and-ridge lids.  The lids of square chimney caps can be flat, hip, or hip-and-ridge.

    All single flue and top mount copper caps are available in custom sizes. 
  • In addition, outside mount chimney caps are custom made to fit over the top of your chimney, like the lid of a shoebox.  Flat, hip and hi-and-ridge lids are available for outside mount chimney caps.

About Copper Chimney Pots

Copper chimney pots are the modern version of the clay chimney pots that date back to the 15th century, when people first used them the make coal-fired fireplaces draw better.  The new, copper version is lighter, more versatile, and more durable.  Copper chimney pots are both functional and decorative. They extend the height of a chimney to improve a fireplace's draft, and they incorporate a chimney cap that lets the exhaust out and keeps birds and other animals from entering the chimney.  They can be used singly, or in multiples on very large chimneys.  Some styles are ready to ship. 

Copper chimney pots can also be made to any dimensions or even created in new, custom designs. If you can dream it, our copper craftsmen can make it!

Copper chimney pots are typically made by master coppersmiths whose work combines an artistic vision with exacting craftsmanship. 




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