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Top 3 Pleasures of an Outdoor Fireplace

Pleasures of Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit

Curling up inside by a roaring fire on a winter day is a great pleasure, but the pleasures of an outdoor fire can last all year with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Here are the top 3 pleasures of

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Spring Cookouts!

spring cookout

Spring is here and that means warm days and cool nights. What better way to celebrate this lovely weather than spring cookouts with friends and family? Instead of cooking on a grill, why not roast some hot dogs over your fire

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Fireplace Candelabras for Outdoor Use

Outdoor Candelabra

Fireplace Candelabra Outdoor For picnic tables, decks, porches, and sidewalks, decorators are using an unusual source of candle lighting. Fireplace candelabra—those candle holders intended for fireplaces have moved outside for the summer! Fireplace candelabra were originally designed to hold candles

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