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Fire Pit Cooking How to Tips

Fire Pit Cooking How to Tips

Use these fire pit cooking how to tips and techniques to double the enjoyment of your fire pit or fire ring. Let your snacks, dinner, or dessert cook before your eyes as you enjoy the beauty and camaraderie of your

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Decorating Outdoors: Fireplace Candelabra

Candles at night

Have a patio, porch, or other outdoor living area? Using candles to light it at night can create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. Given their size and sturdy construction, fireplace candelabra are the perfect source to consider for outdoor lighting.

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4 Tips for Grilling Over Your Fit Pit

Barbecue over a Fire Pit

Planning a cookout or barbecue this weekend?  Try going rustic by having your cookout over your fire pit! Your guests will love huddling around the fire, inhaling the grilling aromas, and watching the meat cook. And the flavor from a real

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Creative Camping with Fire Pits

There is just something about camping. It’s something we all want to do with our children at some point, and often the idea evokes memories of summer evenings sitting round a camp fire with stories, songs and delicious treats. Sadly

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