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Preparing Your Fireplace for Winter

Warm summer weather may still be here, but before much longer cool autumn breezes will be rolling through. Follow the steps below for preparing your fireplace for winter. Then have a safe and comfortable fire season. 1. Have your chimney

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Free Downloadable Firewood!

We now have FREE downloadable firewood! Using the latest in fiber communications technology, can now send you a half or even whole cord of firewood right over the internet- for FREE! This downloadable firewood is 100% hardwood, sourced from

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How to Get More Heat From Your Fireplace

How to get more heat from a fireplace

Does your fireplace warm the cockles of your heart but leave your toes cold? With some modifications, your fireplace can become a legitimate heat source for your house and ensure your toes stay nice and toasty. Read on to learn

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Nine Best Types of Firewood

best types of firewood

While burning seasoned firewood is important, the type of wood you burn will also affect the quality of your fire. What are the best types of firewood to burn in a fireplace? These are the best types of firewood because all

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