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Summer End Fireplace Checklist

End of Summer Fireplace Checklist

End of Summer Checklist for Fireplace Owners As summer comes to an end, fireplace owners can avoid hassles and prepare for colder weather with this End of Summer Fireplace Checklist.   Clean out last year’s ashes from your fireplace. If by

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Fireplace Resolutions

Fireplace Resolutions for the New Year

Six Chimney and Fireplace Resolutions for the New Year – Start the New Year right…right in front of your fireplace! These New Year’s Fireplace Resolutions will help you make the most of your fireplace. Fireplace Resolution #1: Less Mess at Your Hearth

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Decorate Fireplace with Logs

Decorate Fireplace with Logs - add color

Log On to Your Fireplace: When Your Fireplace Logs Are Purely Decorative → Particularly in warm weather, sometimes decorators and home owners prefer to place firewood logs in a fireplace purely as a just-for-looks decorative arrangement. Here are some simple

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DIY Gas Fireplace Safety Tests

gas fireplace safety tests homeowners can do

Do-It-Yourself Gas Fireplace Safety Tests Before you turn on your gas fireplace for the first fire of the season, have it serviced by a certified chimney sweep or other gas product professional certified to work with gas fireplaces.  You will

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