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Will Fireplace Ashes Melt Ice?

Will fireplace ashes melt ice or just improve traction on ice? Are there advantages or disadvantages to using ashes instead of rock salt or other chemicals on snow and ice? What are the pros and cons of other de-icers compared with using fireplace

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Stop Fireplace Grate Melt Down

How to Prevent Fireplace Grate Melt Down or Burn Through

Does your fireplace grate look like the one above? Has it burned through in the center? Find out what causes fireplace grate melt down and learn how to make your fireplace grate last longer. Put an end to grate burn-through. What

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Bizarre Historical Hangover Cures

Historical Hangover Cures included Chimney Sweeps' use of Soot and Warm Milk

Attempts to fight the effects of alcohol overindulgence are probably as old as alcohol itself. These 6 bizarre hangover cures might have been used historically because they actually worked…or because folks were very, very desperate to have their hangovers end. 6

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How to Clean a Fireplace

Cleaning a dirty fireplace

If you’re planning some decorations for your fireplace, or if you just want to get rid of the unsightly build-up of soot, you are probably wondering how to clean a fireplace without making a mess. Cleaning your fireplace may look

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