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Prevent Chimney Leaks

5 Ways to Prevent a Leaky Chimney

5 Ways to Prevent Chimney Leaks A leaking pipe, a leaking roof, a leaking window, a leaking chimney – none of them is good. Here are 5 ways make your chimney leak-proof and prevent chimney leaks. See  how to fix chimney leaks and

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3 DIY Chimney Maintenance Tasks Save Money

DIY- Do it yourself

While professional chimney sweeps provide a valuable service, as a homeowner you can perform many of the same tasks as a chimney sweep and save significant amounts of money by doing so. Read on for three common chimney sweep services

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Preventing Chimney Crown Repairs

While on your roof measuring for a chimney cap, be sure to check your chimney crown for any cracks or crazing. While small cracks may not seem like an issue, those small cracks can quickly become big cracks and eventually

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The Dangers of Chimney Fires

chimney fires

While chimneys are designed to contain heat from normal fires in a woodstove or fireplace, chimney fires can easily burn at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, damaging mortar and even starting a house fire. When wood in your fireplace burns, the byproducts

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