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How To Protect a Chimney from Birds, Bees

Top-sealing Lyemance Damper

Spring has arrived. Warm weather is rolling in to most the country, birds are singing, bugs are flying, and flowers are blooming. The warm weather means birds, bugs, and other animals are searching out places to nest and raise their

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Why doesn’t Easter Bunny use the Chimney

Why the Easter Bunny does not use the Chimney

Who doesn’t love the antics of the Easter Bunny. That lovable little guy running around hiding eggs for delighted children to find, the magic he leaves behind rivaled only by his winter counterpart, Santa. But how did it come to pass

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Easter Bunny Fireplace Myths

Easter Egg Candles

Many a family has decorated their fireplace for Easter by replacing the regular candles in their fireplace candelabra with Easter egg shaped candles.  It’s a quick, easy, and delightful way to give a springtime pop to a fireplace, the focal

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Baby Raccoons and Mom Rescued from Chimney

A family of raccoons was rescued from a home by local animal control and the Humane Society. The chimney caps will prevent future raccoon troubles, but this is a good reminder to check your flue before installing the cap! Lucky

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