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Unlikely Tale: Rabbit Sucked Up Chimney

On February 27, 2014 the UK’s Daily Mail startled readers with the headline, “Pet Rabbit Was Sucked up Chimney after Freak Gust of Wind Turned it into a Giant Vacuum.”  The article goes on to explain that firefighters were called

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How to Remove Chimney Bees and Wasps

remove bee hives and wasp nests

Anyone who has bees or wasps in their chimney knows they are not the best of house guests. One of the ways they can enter your home is through the chimney. Newly swarming bees looking for a place to call

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How to Remove Squirrel in the Fireplace

Squirrels in chimney and fireplace

Do you have a squirrel in the fireplace?  Hear a squirrel in your chimney?  Step by step, here’s how to get the squirrel out and keep both your home and the squirrel safe.   How to Get the Squirrel in

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Photo Pet Alert – Tell Firefighters PETS!

Window Pet Alert with Your Pet's Photo and Name

This free, downloadable window Fire Safety Pet Alert lets you tell firefighters to rescue your pet in the event of fire.  It increases you pet’s chances of surviving a fire because it allows you to add both a photo of your pet

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