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10 Fun and Delicious S’mores Recipes

delicious smores recipe

Everyone knows about s’mores- the sticky, gooey combination of roasted marshmallow and Hershey’s chocolate squeezed between graham crackers. The recipe is a classic for evening fires around the fire pit. But why not mix up the classic recipe and try

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Crazy Redneck Fire Pits: An Infographic

crazy redneck fire pits

If you think the “think green” movement is a recent phenomenon in our society — think again. Please meet the American Redneck. For decades rednecks have practiced “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” only their version is “Recoup, Rig, Repurpose.” Nothing illustrates redneck

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Six Things to Never Burn in Your Fireplace

Things not to burn in your fireplace

The fireplace looks like a handy place to dispose of unwanted combustibles, but it’s safest to burn only dry, seasoned firewood.  Many items you might innocently pop into the fireplace create serious safety hazards.  Don’t burn colored paper.  The inks

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How to Choose a Fireback: Steel or Iron?

Stainless Steel Reflective Fireback

What is a Fireback? A fireplace fireback back is a simple and historic innovation that dramatically increases the amount of heat your fireplace emits into your home. The back wall of a fireplace absorbs and retains a great deal of

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