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Fatwood – Fireplace Fire Starter

Use fatwood to start your upside down fire.

Rid your hearth of that pile of newspapers, that unsightly stack of kindling sticks, and the toxins produced by chemical fire starters. Plus, become a fireplace fire-starting wizard! Let nature’s perfect kindling, fatwood, start your fireplace, wood burning stove, coal or

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What Size Fireback Do I Need?

How to measure your fireplace for a fireback

There are three factors to consider and two measurements to take when pondering what size fireback would be properly sized for your fireplace: • Improving the heat efficiency of your fireplace • Aesthetics • Safety You can select a fireback

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Build a Fire: What to Do, Not to Do

Build a Fire in Your Fireplace: Do's and Don'ts

A dozen tips on what to do and what to avoid doing to build a fire easily and safely in your fireplace: Do have a chimney sweep inspect and clean your flue annually. Do make sure your fireplace damper is

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How to Open Fireplace Damper

How to Open Fireplace Damper - copyright 2014

A throat damper is a metal door located above the firebox, but below the flue pipe.  (See a diagram of the parts of a chimney here.)  When the damper is closed, it slows the loss of heat that would otherwise

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