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Elevator for Bird Stuck in Chimney

Bird Stuck in Elevator ? Follow instructions for Bird Elevator.

Some people find a bird stuck in their chimney or fireplace and panic. Others search for a solution such as the ones we offer for removing a bird stuck in chimney or sitting in a fireplace. The most creative come up

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Does Outdoor Chimney Need Cap

Do Outdoor Chimneys Need Chimney Caps?

A chimney on an outdoor fireplace- whether attached to your home or a stand-alone fireplace away from the house – needs a chimney cap for all the reasons a house chimney needs one. Outdoor Chimney with No Chimney Cap The chimneys

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Best Fire Pit Use Tips

Best Fire Pit Use Tips

The two main reasons people don’t use their fire pits more often are inconvenience and mosquitoes. These best fire pit use tips put an end to fire pit hassles, inconveniences and bugs. Fire Pit Use Tip #1: Make lighting the fire

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How Chimney Fans Work

How chimney fans work

Chimney fans work by employing mechanical venting to overcome fireplace and chimney gravity drafting deficits. When they are turned on, chimney fans, attached atop the chimneys, create a partial vacuum in chimneys . Exhaust gases from the wood or gas fireplace

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