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Get More Fireplace Heat with a Fireback

Stainless Steel Reflective Fireback

What’s a fireplace fireback? And can you really get more heat from fireplace firebacks? Firebacks reflect heat from your fire back into your home, making your fireplace more efficient. Technology evolves over generations, but some simple innovations from the past

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Tips for Burning a Wood Fire This Winter

The winter season changes our behaviour drastically; we adapt our routines to get through the colder months more comfortably. This can be anything from wrapping up in warmer clothing to heating our homes more. One change that some families make

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Hurricane Homesteading: Cook in Fireplace

Millions are without power due to Hurricane Sandy’s wrath, and likely will be for some time. Our thoughts are with those suffering through the floods, fires, and winds. For those safe and dry in their homes but without power, consider

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5 Tips for a Better Fire

How to Build a Better Fireplace Fire 1. Tinder Tricks Newspaper is the most popular tinder, and works very well. Avoid using color pages with lots of ink though. Another clever choice- toilet paper tubes stuffed with dryer lint. The

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