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4 Tips for Grilling Over Your Fit Pit

Barbecue over a Fire Pit

Planning a cookout or barbecue this weekend?  Try going rustic by having your cookout over your fire pit! Your guests will love huddling around the fire, inhaling the grilling aromas, and watching the meat cook. And the flavor from a real

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How to Select an Outdoor Fireplace

wood burning outdoor fireplace

Since the beginning of time, families and friends have gathered around fires for companionship, dining, and entertaining. As the patio and garden evolve into outdoor entertainment rooms, many people are looking for ways to add outdoor fireplaces or fire pits

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Use Fireplace Ash to Make Soap

Make Soap from Fireplace Ashes

For centuries humans have been making soap from fireplace ash. If you’re looking for a way to use your fireplace ash and are interested in exploring some homesteading skills, read on and learn how to make soap for your own

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Test Knowledge: Famous Movie Fireplaces

Fireplaces in Movies

The humble fireplace, so familiar we pass by every day without a second glance, but did you know that it has played a key role in some of the most popular movies of all time. We have combed through film

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