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Smoke Alarm and Safety Tips for the New Year

As the old year draws to an end, it’s a great time to think of safety tips for the new year. How Old are the Batteries in Your Smoke Alarm? Batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms should be

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Tips for Burning a Wood Fire This Winter

The winter season changes our behaviour drastically; we adapt our routines to get through the colder months more comfortably. This can be anything from wrapping up in warmer clothing to heating our homes more. One change that some families make

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Is Your Chimney Ready for Winter?

Autumn is officially here, bringing with it cool weather and thoughts of fires in the hearth, but is your chimney ready for winter? Before fire season gets underway, however, check that your chimney cap is still in good shape. You

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3 DIY Chimney Maintenance Tasks Save Money

DIY- Do it yourself

While professional chimney sweeps provide a valuable service, as a homeowner you can perform many of the same tasks as a chimney sweep and save significant amounts of money by doing so. Read on for three common chimney sweep services

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