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What Not to Burn in a Fire Pit Infographic

what not to burn header

You know what’s not safe to burn in your fireplace indoors, but with a fire pit outdoors, you can burn anything, right? Not so fast. Check out the infographic below to learn more. Please use the HTML code below to

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Six Things to Never Burn in Your Fireplace

Things not to burn in your fireplace

The fireplace looks like a handy place to dispose of unwanted combustibles, but it’s safest to burn only dry, seasoned firewood.  Many items you might innocently pop into the fireplace create serious safety hazards.  Don’t burn colored paper.  The inks

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How to Remove Birds and Nests from Chimney

Birds and bird nests in chimney

Bird nests with or without birds in them are a health and fire safety problem for your home. Bird droppings are not only unsightly in your fireplace, but birds can also carry mites and parasites into you home. One note:

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Children and Fire Pits: Safety Essentials

Kids and Fire Pit Safety

Fire pits and other outdoor fireplaces are wonderful settings for family time! Away from electronic interrupters and nestled around the flames, outdoor fires make memorable experiences for family and friends. However, fire pits and fire bowls produce temperatures that can

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